Welcoming customers at local and international sales points, adL always aims to meet customers’ expectations at the highest level. RLI sits down with Alican Işık, CEO and Cem Dino, International Retail Director to learn more about the company’s past as well as what is in the pipeline looking ahead.

The product range of adL, a brand owned and operated by Adil Işık Group, combines the principle of always pursuing excellence while closely following an energetic and vibrant style. It is this unique product range and style that are pivotal components in differentiating the brand in the sector. The business currently operates around 150 stores worldwide, with 100 of these located in Turkey. The remaining 50 are situated across Russia, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Iran, the Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “In the last 12 months we have launched our new concept in Istanbul at Emaar Square Mall. This flagship store is the first in our portfolio to exceed 1,000sq m,” explains Cem Dino, International Retail Director at adL. “As well as increasing the options within our collection we have also developed a visual philosophy for the customer to further enhance their shopping experience. This has been well received so far and the feedback suggests people enjoy the clarity and visibility of the products in a comfortable environment, even comparing the store to an art gallery,” adds Alican Işık, CEO of adL. The company views the evolution of the business as its key job, and this philosophy comes straight from the founders of adL. They believe in the journey of life, and that people should always develop and evolve for the better, and this is how the company views itself when moving forward and it strives to be a community in the work place, a community that remains humble, intellectual and one that never stops learning. Several store openings have recently taken place, predominantly in Istanbul and Antalya in the last calendar year, but the most recent adL store launch took place in Dubai within the fantastic Dubai Mall where customers from all over the world can enjoy the selection on offer. Whilst the development pipeline for the business will still include Turkish flagships, it’s the roll-out plan for the Emirates that will be the main driver; along with this the company is also looking to expand to Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman as well. “We would like to establish our presence in the UK and Europe via online channels and department stores. By having brand awareness via these channels in these regions, we believe we can offer freshness for the consumer and look to develop flagships in many fashion capitals,” explains Dino. The most exciting market for adL is the far-east, however this is a long-term strategy for the business and more knowledge and a partner must first be acquired before taking the brand to these exotic locations. With a recognisable brand that stems across several countries, how does the company develop new products and initiatives to stay at the cutting edge?
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