ART Software Group is dedicated to producing software that achieves the goals of its clients building long-lasting relationships that benefit both client and company. Here, RLI speaks with Gareth Jordan, Director to discuss what the company can offer potential customers and what lies ahead.

An acronym for Applied Relational Technology, the mission of ART Software Group from the start has always been to deliver practical connection through technology. The company is a trusted name not only for transforming ideas into reality but also in nurturing the future of its software and the businesses of its clients through dedicated support and ongoing product evolution. – “As the digital landscape has evolved, it’s important to foster human skill and imagination – a kind of art,” explains Gareth Jordan, Director at ART Software Group. In terms of retail and leisure environments we have been working closely with retail and asset management professionals for 20 years to deliver innovations that genuinely address industry problems.”

ART Software Group
ART Software Group

Through its history and experience, the company understands what information yields value, who needs it and where a different approach will deliver results. The past 12 months have been good for the business. There has been a growing appetite to explore different business metrics through software tools, overcoming painpoints and quickly getting live and accurate information to key people, this is what ART Software Group does best. The company is currently in the middle of rolling-out Retail Advantage, its retail destination intelligence platform across the breadth of Wembley Park. “We have been working with Realm and Quintain since the launch of London Designer Outlet, the UK capital’s first fashion and lifestyle outlet and now our analytics tools will be applied across the new 85- acre neighbourhood, which will offer 8.8 million square feet of mixed-use development including over 500,000sq ft of retail and leisure space,” explains Jordan.

The Retail Advantage system is now used in the majority of outlet shopping destinations in the UK, and is expanding to become the preferred solution for more sites in Europe. ART Software Group offers its clients consultancy with a focus on Analytics and Systems Integration. Their expertise lies in assisting companies to understand more of their business and activities through better access to data with tools to get the best from that information. With its market leading retail-destination intelligence platform for example, they help clients gain sharper visibility on the performance and trajectory of retail and leisure assets.

“The key purpose of Retail Advantage is to deliver an intelligent view of performance for individual retail destinations or across a wider portfolio of sites. We bring data together to make it accessible in different tools across the business for a variety of users, from investors and asset managers to site management teams and store staff.” In terms of what this software means for the industry, it offers the ability to truly connect the dots, speed up processes and harvest the knowledge available from all of that data.

So what does Jordan feel makes the company stand out from the crowd and what can you offer your clients? “We are always trying new things, always innovating and using technology to give our clients flexibility and new experiences. ART’s focus is on helping our business partners win through successful digital transformation. The key thing about our tools is they are intuitive but also easily adapted and tailored. Each business often has a different approach and needs; therefore we work closely with our clients to get them to where they need to be.” Jordan believes that the effects of social media and promotional campaigns on the performance of different components in retail destinations are always changing, saying that you can look at analytics on how many clicks, likes or impressions but it becomes far more useful when you can see a discernible impact on people coming to a site and what they do when they get there.

ART is not a business that sells a product and then walks away. Its business approach is to work closely with its clients to not only deliver their initial data-rich environment, but then continue to provide insight and new reporting as their needs evolve. The team is driven by innovation and new technological capabilities, which in turn means the client gets the full benefit of this. Jordan says an example of this is Retail Advantage and that it is a very different product to what it was four or five years ago. It is continually evolving and they are always developing new ways to further understand the contributors to performance. “The industry focuses a lot on the connected consumer, but neglects the importance of the connected store. What we need to do is create a community of brands and F&B working together in a virtual environment – a safe space to democratise data,” concludes Jordan.