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NEWS                                                                     INBRIEF

                                                                                     BLACK SHEEP COFFEE EXPANDS
              STETSON OPENS FLAGSHIP IN THE                                          Queensgate  has  announced  that  independent
                                                                                     coffee pioneer, Black Sheep Coffee, has signed for
              UAE IN SEVEN DIALS                                                     a  regional  debut  in  Peterborough,  as  the  brand
                                                                                     continues its rapid expansion across the UK. It will
              Heritage American  hat  brand  Stetson  has                            open a 1,800sq ft kiosk unit on the ground floor
              opened its first UK store in London, with                              of  the  centre  in  an  excllent  position  adjacent  to
              the  new  location  becoming  a  “significant                          anchor store Primark.
              milestone” for the famous label.
                The  1,165sq  ft  store  is  on  Shaftesbury                         GOOTOPIA UNVEILED TO PUBLIC
              Capital-operated  Neal  Street  in  the  big                           Levisham  Shopping  Centre  has  announced  the
              tourist area of Seven Dials, becoming part of                          opening of Gootopia, the UK’s first high street slime
              an area of Covent Garden known for niche                               store in a 1,600sq ft space loacted in the South Mall.
              and  indie  stores,  as  well  as  a  burgeoning                       The store also features ‘Goo-to-Go’, the world’s first
              beauty community.                                                      slime vending machine. The unit features shelves of
                While  best  known  for  its  cowboy  hats,                          ready-made slime, slime imgredients and activator as
              the new store offers “an eclectic range” of                            well as a range of activities and experiences.
              the brand’s signature styles including looks
              from  country-style  outdoor  headwear  to
              streetwear pieces.                                                     FOOD BRAND OPENS IN LONDON
                The  retailer  said  Stetson’s  Seven  Dials                         The  Berlin-street  food  brand  Döner  Shack  has
              UK flagship is “a key moment in Stetson’s                              opened with a bang on Baker Street. Launched on
              expansion”  and  significantly  add  to  the                           27 March, the fast-casual brand is spread across two
              brand’s pan-European presence.                                         floors and specialises in kebaps, chicken schnitzels
              OXYGEN HAS ANNOUNCED THE                                               and milkshakes, is an exciting new addition to the
                                                                                     famous street and aims to change the perception of
              ACQUISITION OF JUMP EVOLUTION                                          kebabs in the UK.

              Building further  presence  within Greater   introduce  its  latest  customer  experience-  IFLY LAUNCHES INTO O2 ARENA
              London, the UK’s first choice indoor family   led  proposition  at  its  Croydon  location.   The O2, which is owned and operated by AEG and
              activity brand, Oxygen, has announced the   First  introduced  at  Oxygen’s  Wilmslow   Crosstree  Real  Estate,  has  announced  the  opening
              acquisition of regional trampoline operator,   and  Acton  leisure  parks,  the  proposition   of iFLY, the indoor skydiving experience, marking the
              Jump  Evolution.  The  deal  takes  Oxygen’s   is  based  on  extensive  customer  research   operators London debut. iFLY London has opened its
              portfolio to ten parks across the UK.  and  focuses  on  the  visitor  experience,   4.3m wide wind tunnel at The O2, joining a plethora of
                Jump  Evolution,  based  in  Romford  in   introducing a range of unique features that   leisure operators such as TOCA Social, Boom Battle
              Essex  and  covering  27,500sq  ft,  is  a  well-  complement the play element.  Bar, Hollywood Bowl and Oxygen Freejumping.
              established operation that will become the   These  include  enhanced  facilities  for
              fourth largest site by revenue in Oxygen’s   parents, with a ‘lounge’ concept providing
              portfolio.                         best-in-class  F&B  and  more  comfortable   RUDY’S PIZZA UNVEILS NEW SITE
                It is also the second acquisition by Oxygen   environments,  complemented  by  the  use   Rudy’s  Pizza  Napoletana  has  announced  a  new
              in the last six months, following the brand’s   of  technology  to  enhance  every  stage  of   opening in Manchester. The new 8,000sq ft location
              purchase  of  RedKangaroo  last  November   the  visit.  The  proposition  also  features   on Portland Street resides in the former Dawsons
              and  demonstrates  Oxygen’s  continued   nine dedicated suites for children’s parties,   Music & Sound site. Spanning two floors, including a
              commitment  to  growth  and  transforming   combining  technology  and  innovative   mezzanine, the space will be home to Rudy’s pizzeria
              the indoor leisure market.         design  to  create  a  unique  setting.  Oxygen   and very own pizza school: Rudy’s Pizza Academy, a
                Coinciding  with  the  acquisition,  has also invested in its team, introducing a   world-class destination for pizzaiolo talent.
              Oxygen  has  committed  to  investing  in  its   new training programme to deliver a truly
              portfolio with over £1.23m being spent to   enhanced experience.

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