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NEWS                                                                     INBRIEF

                                                                                     BOLOGNA OPENING FOR MANGO
              DRUMOHR OPENSFLAGSHIP STORE IN                                         Mango, one of Europe’s leading fashion  groups,
                                                                                     continues to implement its international expansion
              VIA DELLA SPIGA IN MILAN                                               plan with a  new store in Bologna, Italy.  Their
                                                                                     new space  has  a selling space  of nearly 600sq
              The direct retail expansion  of  Drumohr                               m and stocks  products  from the women’s and
              continues as the historic men’s/women’s                                childrens  lines. In addition, the store features  the
              clothing, knitwear and  accessories  brand                             Mediterranean-inspired store concept, New Med.
              founded in 1770 in Dumfries in the Scottish
              Highlands,  but  today  totally  Made  in Italy                        BREITLING UNVEIL DUBLIN UNIT
              and since 2006 led by the Ciocca Group.                                Swiss luxury watchmaker Breitling has debuted its
                The brand has officially opened the new                              new hub in the heart of Dublin, which includes a
              single-brand, 315sq m boutique in Milan,                               stylish bar area for hosting events and where guests
              in Via  della Spiga 26, in the heart of  the                           will experience the  brand’s  legendary  hospitality.
              Fashion District, the opening of which was                             The boutique is in partnership with one of the
              announced last July.                                                   region’s most  respected  watch retailers - Paul
                The boutique extends over two levels: the                            Sheeran Jewellers.
              ground floor is dedicated to the women’s
              collection, the basement presents the men’s
              line. Warm wood, mirrors, brass  and glass                             TK MAXX TO OPEN A NEW STORE
              details characterise the environment, dotted                           International ‘off-price’  apparel retailer TK Maxx
              with geometric but welcoming shapes, with                              is set to open its first Western Australia store in
              hangers  and sofas with  softened  contours                            Perth’s Ocean Keys Shopping Centre in Clarkson.
              under relaxing lights.                                                 The flagship store will sell a range of womenswear,
              THE STYLE OUTLETS TO WELCOME                                           menswear, children’s fashion, toys, shoes, accessories
                                                                                     and  homeware products  from a number of big
              MULTIPLE NEW TENANTS IN SPRING                                         brands at discount prices.

              Numerous openings - which will range from   In  the  coming  weeks,  the  commercial   START-UP EXPANDS IN BRISBANE
              clothing, to beauty, to accessories, up to   offer of Castel Guelfo The Style Outlets    Food  waste  startup Good  & Fugly has  launched
              catering  - will characterise  the  next,  very   will  also be renewed, with  the arrival of     in Brisbane, delivering seasonal fruit and vegetable
              close  spring  season  of  the  Italian  outlet   Botega  Caffè Cacao, but above all with   boxes straight to consumers.  The business
              centres Vicolungo and Castel Guelfo The   the  implementation  of  the  restyling  and   sells imperfect fruit and  vegetables through  a
              Style Outlets of the Spanish player Neinver.  expansion of the Levi’s store. In both   subscription box model. The company works with
                Among  the new openings, the L’Oréal    centres,  among  the  new entries  there  are   farmers and offers a fair price for “quirky” produce
              store and that of the multi-brand boutique   also two stores of the Californian brand   that is set to be thrown away.
              of high-quality sunglasses Sunglass Hut have   of  casual clothing  for  men  and  women,
              already  opened  their doors  in Vicolungo,   Dockers, which has opened its first stores
              while in terms of refreshment points it has   in Italy in Vicolungo and Castel Guelfo.  JOLLIBEE SET TO ADD 600 UNITS
              been added to the list of Emotions of Italy.   Furthermore,  the  new Spring-Summer   Fast  food  giant  Jollibee  Foods  Corp.  (JFC)  is
              Also in Vicolungo are the recent openings of   collections of  the brands  have already   planning to expand its global presence by opening
              the Italian chain of women’s fashion stores     arrived in all the points of sale in the centres,   up to 600 new stores this year. The quick-service
              NaraMilano and of the Made in Italy brand   Neinver recalls in its press release.  restaurant chain’s expansion plan this year could
              of menswear with a classic taste, Paul Taylor.   Founded  in 1969, the Spanish company   be the biggest in its history, exceeding the record
              Not just clothing though: the Medi-Market   manages 17 outlet centres, four retail parks   542 stores it opened last year. At the end of 2022
              parapharmacy will soon arrive in the centre,     and more than 800 brands in six European   the company operated 6,480 stores worldwide.
              also present in Castel Guelfo from the end   countries: France, Germany, Italy, Poland,
              of 2021.                           Spain and the Netherlands.

                                                                               APRIL 2023 RETAIL & LEISURE INTERNATIONAL 09
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