Approaching projects from multiple angles, Premium Productions is an effective team of dedicated individuals who implement the latest technology and trends to ensure the most entering and impressive content. Originally an events company who had to purchase its own productions for shows, it was the lack of quality in this market that prompted the company to instead re-evaluate its market position and start producing their own shows instead.

"In time we realised that the retail business in practically not need just shows, it needed trailer-made programs consisting of entertainment and interactive elements," explains Christoph Helbig, Partner at Premium Productions. "It is through this realisation that we decided to specialise in producing live entertainment for retail projects where we wove in close cooperation with the tenants," adds Chris van Kamp, Partner at Premium Productions. Key people within Premium Productions all originated from the concert touring industry and the core relationships that helped create the company were formed on the touring circuit. The group began by delivering technical services to clients, in time this grew into a company that gradually went into corporate and private events, all the while keeping the focuses on entertainment. In the past ten years the company has worked on projects in more than 340 countries and finalised more than 150 event and entertainment projects in serval sectors, including hotel openings and mall launches.
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