Mandoria, City of Adventures is a brand new family-friendly destination near Łódź in Poland, with a 16th Century, Renaissance theme.

Covering an area of 15,000sq m, the indoor amusement park is home to a wide range of attractions, including the longest indoor rollercoaster in Poland called The Merkant. The ride is 256 metres long with a top height of 7 metres and a speed of 36km per hour. The park is also home to the Galleon, which lives in the city’s port, a water-based carousel, remote-controlled boats and pedal boats.

Performers are on site to add an immersive element with their roles as characters from the historical port. Guests can also enjoy a shooting gallery with historical rifles, a clown orchestra and four other carousels – the two-tier Venetian Caravan, a chain carousel, the barrels and a flying bicycle carousel.

Daniel Zieliński, Manager of the new attraction, commented: “The park was completely styled as a 16th Century trading city. But the attractions are part of this world, it should be emphasised that Mandoria is a family park and all attractions can be enjoyed by both children and adults.”