Greyder is a brand that prioritises footwear fans through all its collections and continues its brand journey independently with its own standards and styles. Here, RLI takes some time to speak with company CEO Ismail Kavlu about the company’s upcoming international expansion.

With 60 years of experience, Greyder has grown to become one of the most favoured brands with its footwear models which enable individuals to make their own choices when it comes to shoes. Over the years the brand has created its own innovative style which has seen them become one of the most respected brands in Turkey as well as the world with its innovative store concept, eye-catching designs, stylish supplementary products and remarkable models which make their mark in every season. Today Greyder has over 480 points of sale around the world with 100 concept stores in Turkey.

Outside of Turkey the company has a selection of 23 stores in international markets such as Azerbaijan, Iran, Kosovo, Oman, Iraq , the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Russia. These stores are either already open or are planned to launch in the coming months. “As a well-known brand we continue our investments as we always have but in the last 12 months we have specifically focused on international expansion. Our store concept is really different from others already but we’re always trying to create the best for our customers,” explains company CEO Ismail Kavlu. The company has continually produced quality shoes for many years and its customers buy the products on a regular basis because they know the products are very high quality, comfortable and durable with an affordable price. In recent years the company has built up its fashionable and trendy collections, allowing customers to follow casual trends and perhaps branch out from the expected shoes models in store.

Greyder is in the midst of international expansion and two of the most recent store openings for the brand were back in March, when in the space of just three days, a store was opened in Skopje in Macedonia and then one in St. Petersburg in Russia. As part of this international expansion, additional markets that are under consideration are Estonia, UK, Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, South Africa and the UAE.

So what is in the development pipeline for the next 12-18 months? “Our customers have been satisfied with Greyder collections. But now we would like to focus our efforts on kid’s collections. We aim to bring the trends to the forefront in the kid’s collection and we want to combine this with casual fashion. We also aim to increase the awareness of the kid’s category we have just entered,” explains Kavlu.