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Huawei Plans to Launch Coffee Chain

Bucharest, Romania - May 20, 2022: A logo of Huawei, Chinese telecommunications equipment company, is displayed on the top of a building, in Bucharest, Romania.

Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei is planning to jump up into the coffee market, after registering two trademarks.

According to China Daily, Huawei Founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei intends to open more than 100 coffee stores in Shanghai to attract young people to work for the company. Quichacha, a data bank that tracks business registrations, confirms that one registered trademark translates to “One Cup of Coffee Absorbs Cosmic Energy”. The name falls under the category of convenience food and the application is awaiting approval.

The other trademark, reserved for catering and lodging services such as cafes, restaurants, and mobile food delivery, is also being reviewed. Prior to Huawei, Chinese sportswear brand Li-Ning applied to register the ‘Ning Coffee’ trademark with the China National Intellectual Property Administration, sparking widespread speculation within Mainland China about its intentions.

The coffee forays demonstrate that many established non-food brands are expanding their portfolio into the F&B category in order to engage with younger generations, who play a critical role in the brands’ future.