Playing a decisive role in the development of Germany’s hotel industry since its founding in 1969, Maritim Hotels is Germany’s best known hotel chain and also enjoys an international reputation. Here, RLI sits down with Gerd Prochaska, COO of Maritim Hotels to discuss how the brand has grown in recent years and what the future holds...

One of Germany’s largest hotel chains, Maritim Hotels operates 33 first-class and deluxe hotels in the country, which are strategically located throughout its city centres, resorts and tourist destinations. Maritim Hotels offers travellers exquisite accommodation which includes swimming pools, fitness amenities, full service restaurants and bars and excellent and friendly customer service. Outside of Germany, the company operates four properties in Egypt, three in China, two in Spain, Turkey and Mauritius, and one in Malta. “Last year was an exceptionally good year for Maritim Hotels, with highlights including a significant increase in turnover in Germany, further successful hotel renovations and no less than three prestigious awards,” explains Gerd Prochaska, COO of Maritim Hotels. “The company’s positive performance clearly demonstrates that we have embarked on the right course with our drive to modernise and our major reorganisation of sales.” Looking at the upcoming development pipeline, new markets for the brand are Poland and the Netherlands. In the Polish port city of Szczecin, plans are in place to develop a new Maritim Hotel, which will feature 458 rooms and suites. The franchised hotel is set to open in 2021. Meanwhile in Amsterdam, construction of the largest hotel and at the same time, the largest conference hotel in the Netherlands is currently underway. With 34 floors, 579 rooms and suites and meeting facilities for over 4,000 people, the four-star hotel will be the tallest in the city. Guests will enjoy magnificent views of the old town and the city’s famous harbour, as well as exceptional cuisine, ranging from Asian specialties to fine dining and Viennese-style coffee-house specialties when the hotel opens in 2020.