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More than a mall or run-of-the-mill mixed-use development, Grandscape is a new kind of destination that is being designed to bring people together. RLI spends some time with Jeff Lind, President of Grandscape to learn more about this ambitious project and what the next steps are as completion edges closer.

Grandscape is one of the largest and most unique mixed-use development projects in the US and will occupy more than 400 acres in The Colony in north Dallas, Texas. Once completed, the project will boast over three million square feet of retail, entertainment, dining, residential, office and attractions.

Construction is underway on the first phase of the 95-acre lifestyle centre portion of the project, which will include such attractions as Andretti Indoor Karting & Games, Galaxy Theatres and the world’s largest all sports store, SCHEELS. The first anchor and the landlord tenant, Nebraska Furniture Mart, will be celebrating its five-year anniversary in the summer of 2020. The 560,000sq ft home furnishings retailer, currently drawing over eight million visitors annually from a more than 250 mile radius, is anticipating a significant boost once phase one is complete.

“Construction has been progressing nicely on the lifestyle centre and we are looking forward to celebrating the opening of our first phase in the spring of 2020,” explains Jeff Lind, President of Grandscape. “This phase will feature entertainment, retail, office and dining with luxury residential, currently under construction, opening in early 2021.”

The vision of Grandscape is to create a destination that will be unlike any other. In order to accomplish this, they are focusing on three core elements. The first is curating a tenant mix that is unlike any other. By traveling the globe the Grandscape team will bring unique, first-in-market, first-in-country destination tenants to this cultivated shopping experience. The second is incorporating technology throughout the centre. In doing so, this will allow the visitor to not only have a seamless, convenient shopping journey, but also to provide an atmosphere filled with wonder, excitement and a truly unique digital experience.

Finally, through the architectural design and lush landscapes Grandscape will be an area that has unique shopping but also has event programming, water features, pocket parks and gardens offering a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city. By incorporating this vision into the project, they believe that every guest, no matter the reason for visiting, will walk away knowing it was time well spent.

“We truly believe the environment we are creating is like no other. This will be a pedestrian friendly centre, with all parking and vehicles remaining on the outer perimeter, thus providing a safe, friendly, walkable experience, where visitors can get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy street and enjoy their time,” Lind explains. Accessibility and connectivity have been pivotal areas of consideration during the continued construction of the project. It is crucial to the visitor experience that traffic flow, ease of access and parking options are well thought out, well designed and well communicated.

With a mammoth projection of 18 million visitors a year when fully complete, the state of Texas conducted the largest traffic study, the results of which helped to push through the design and building of a brand-new $40M interchange, becoming the seventh major access point to Grandscape. The project will have three parking garages and multiple surface lots providing over 10,600 spaces. All the garages also feature space count technology, which allows guests an efficient way to find available parking, thus eliminating wasted time and effort.

The project is an open-air lifestyle centre whose architecture features clean lines and the use of native materials. With glass, stone, warm tones and soft woods the design reflects natural elements enhanced by lush landscaping, pocket parks and water features creating a beautifully warm and inviting environment.

Where did the team draw inspiration for this ambitious project? “Our team travels the globe looking for unique environments, tenants and spaces to draw inspiration. For the last eight years we have gleaned from the successes and from the failures in the industry in order to apply lessons learned to Grandscape,” explains Lind. “We have also gained tremendous knowledge from our years as a retailer. Being an anchor-tenant landlord, this gives us a different and valuable perspective.” Lind believes that there will be several factors behind any potential success the development will have. “From the beginning we set out to build something that has never been built before. Taking the approach of “time well spent” Grandscape focused on developing endless reasons to visit, to stay and to come again,” Lind explains.

“We are excited to open our first phase of the lifestyle centre this coming spring, we cannot wait to showcase our vision and have people experience it for the first time. Another big milestone will be turning the key on the luxury high-rise, multi-family residential tower in the spring of 2021.”