People today, particularly after the global pandemic, crave experiences above anything else. This is why MK Illumination harnesses the power of light, design, storytelling and carefully-selected products to create lighting experiences that tap into people’s emotions. Here, RLI spoke with Thomas Mark, President MK Illumination Global and Oktay Sureka, Managing Director MK Illumination Türkiye to discuss how the company has evolved their full-service approach and continue to create True Light Experiences.

For many years, MK Illumination has been the global market leader in festive decorative lighting. Today, headquartered in Innsbruck, Austria, the company operates 44 sales offices and operates in over 120 countries worldwide. They also employ 970 people worldwide, with 52 of these being based at the Innsbruck location.
Beginning with a turnover of just €7,900, the company then grew by 100 per cent year-on-year for a decade due to multifaceted growth in almost every country they are situated and in every area in which they operate. While a short-term loss of sales was seen in the first year of the pandemic, 2021 saw the company have the most successful year in its history, generating a turnover of €140M.
“We managed this rapid growth because we have very strong teams not only in our headquarters in Innsbruck, but also in our sales offices that have a fantastic understanding for local culture and needs,” explains Oktay Sureka, Managing Director MK Illumination Türkiye.

Emaar Boulevard, Dubai, UAE

“MK Illumination was founded by Marie and Klaus Mark, along with myself in 1996 and it is still owner-managed today – we see this as a big advantage as it is the nature of a family company to think in terms of generations rather than in calendar quarters,” adds Thomas Mark, President MK Illumination Global.
In addition to producing and selling lighting products as well as comprehensive festive decorative lighting solutions for cities & municipalities, shopping centres or leisure & tourism, the business also operates their own temporary lights parks under the brand name LUMAGICA.
The company generated such an incredible 2021 turnover through the implementation of a selection of very prestigious projects such as luxury world-famous department stores including Saks 5th Avenue, or the Cartier flagship, along with the Rockefeller Center and the Radio City Music Hall were shining lights for MK.
Outside of New York, a famous concert hall was also completed in Berlin – the amazing Friedrichstadt-Palast. A complete concept was introduced at the Dubai International Finance Centre and in Türkiye they ensured a bright turn of the year at both Istanbul’s shopping centre Istinye Park and in Izmir. Meanwhile in China’s metropolises Shanghai and Hangzhou and in the up-and-coming Chengdu, MK light installations provided a special winter highlight.

Hofgarten, Innsbruck, Austria

“Despite numerous prestigious shopping centre projects worldwide, the positive business performance in 2021 was mainly due to light displays in public spaces. In Dortmund, staging “Licht im Pott”, we managed to set a completely new standard for themed light displays in Germany, while in Stockholm we have been celebrating ten successful years of staging “StockholmJul” with stunning light decorations,” says Mark.
“Apart from Christmas lights we have developed special seasonal concepts, such as for Valentine’s Day, Easter, or summer, which were very well received,” comments Sureka. “Also, in the city of Wels, as well as Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, or the Swedish Uppsala were presented in the most beautiful “summer dress” by MK Illumination,” adds Mark.
In more recent years, MK has introduced their own event format under the LUMAGICA experience brand and have specialised in reviving special places. LUMAGICA has already fascinated hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. By mid-January a total of 23 light parks worldwide had launched.
Light remains the source of everything MK does. Through it, they draw inspiration to create only the very best products based off of the highest design quality to create unique and one-of-a-kind works of art. With their creations in the last couple of decades, they have raised the standards in the lighting industry.

LUMAGICA Lightpark
Hückelhoven, Germany

With their full-service offering, whenever a customer is interested in creating a True Light Experience, they can be helped and guided from start to finish through a self-contained cycle of service where either MK Illumination take care of the entire project themselves or in close cooperation with an experienced local partner.
Looking ahead to this year, both Sureka and Mark agree that light plays a decisive role in celebrating not only Christmas, but many other traditional highlights around the world. They also agree that these celebrations should not come at the cost of the planet’s future.
MK Illumination was the first to combine beautiful design and sustainable materials to create planet-friendly festive lighting and its LED fairy lights have the longest service life around. They also launched their “organic” range of sustainable designs a decade ago.

Schultheiss Quartier
Berlin, Germany

“Our True Light Experiences make people happy and our lighting products are trustworthy, compliant, efficient and optimised for sustainability. We transform spaces of all shapes and sizes with light and design, keeping local values and cultural expectations in mind,” says Sureka.
“Our celebrations shouldn’t have to come at the cost of our future and that of our planet, and this is a challenge for all of us. When we are able to successfully bring aesthetics and sustainability together, a positive upturn is assured. We already have great solutions in place and still strive to improve even more. It is a journey and we are excited to continue moving forward on it,” concludes Mark.