Netto Hits A Milestone With 500th Store In Denmark


Salling Group’s Netto banner has hit the 500-store milestone, with the opening this week of a store in CarlsbergByen, in Copenhagen.

Commenting on the milestone, Brian Seemann Broe, the head of Netto said that the group was “very proud” of reaching the 500 store mark.

Netto’s first outlet opened on 1 April 1981 in Godthåbsvej in Copenhagen, and was the first discount store to open in Denmark.

Recently,Netto introduced a new store concept, with the emphasis on enhancing the shopping experience.

“We haven’t changed that much about Netto over the years, but there is no doubt that with our new stores, and with store number 500, we are offering customers a state of the art discount shop,” said Seemann Broe. “Expectations for the stores have increased, and we are lifting the store standard significantly, and we can see that customers are welcoming it.”