An inspiring selection of majestic hotels situated across the world, the Oetker Collection is a curated collection of iconic properties. Here, RLI sat down with CEO Frank Marrenbach to discuss the unique concept and what the future holds for this age-old company.

The Oetker Collection embodies the finest of traditional European hospitality. Each of the elite hotels within the collection is a one-of-a-kind destination designed to deliver the very best in luxury and relaxation. Throughout its locations, guests will discover a passion for living, an appreciation for culture, gastronomy and the pleasures of nature, and generations of guests return year after year to these masterpiece hotels. Today the Oetker Collection operates ten hotels; with four of these in France. The additional six are spread across Germany, UK, Brazil, and the Seychelles, with the final two located in West Indies.

“The last 12 months has seen us enjoy steady development across our portfolio, with all locations reporting an increase on previous years,” explains Frank Marrenbach, CEO of Oetker Collection. “I have been proud of the team as they have helped the company navigate some challenging times in recent years and still deliver fantastic results.”

Looking forward, the company has ambitious plans and wants to soon be in a position to launch a property in New York, having had an opportunity in the city slip away two years ago. While New York is its top priority, there is also interest in having a presence in Los Angeles and Rome.

In the next 12 months the company will look to open one new hotel, while further expansion is wanted, there is also a desire to keep the collection small and ensure that they have properties in only the very best locations and maintain its one-off destinations. When searching for new properties, Oetker Collection is always on the look-out for an endearing location and a destination that is very attractive in itself. Another factor that is a requirement is that the micro location immediately surrounding the hotel must be fantastic. So how does the company ensure its destinations remain attractive and exciting?