A truly global retail services company, Dynamic creates innovative strategies and delivers a complete sensory impact, implementing the best store experience for leading retail brands, Here, RLI speaks with Managing Director Gerry Walsh about what the company offers its clients and how it is targeting global growth.

The services that Dynamic offers ensures that all of a retailer’s needs are met, whether this be logistics, architecture, maintenance, store build, shop-in-shop or even an ad campaign. Dynamic has no preference to the type of job they do for their clients, no matter the request their experience gives them the expertise to know they will meet their client’s needs, and the entire company is designed to help their clients with projects no matter how big or small they are.

Dynamic has grown in the last quarter of a century to have confidence across the globe in very distinct pillars, which are store fit-outs, construction, refurbishments, maintenance & facilities, shop-in-shop, graphic and window campaigns and architecture & design. The company is currently undergoing a rebranding exercise, aimed at improving people’s understanding of who they are, what they are and what they do. “This has been a large part of our re-branding exercise,” explains Gerry Walsh, Managing Director at Dynamic. “Irrespective of whether our clients are working with us in our offices in Europe, US or Asia, we want people to recognise our company and our ethos as we expand.”

The growth of the portfolio and the achievements of the company in the past years has been fantastic, in that time Dynamic has expanded to incorporate a more global reach and has gained a better understanding of global markets in the process, so they are able to offer a better proposition to its clients. Dynamic has expanded their workforce so their clients don’t need to, they blend and become part of their client’s internal teams, allowing the client to focus on expanding their brand without the timely hiring process. One of the key achievements this year was the company’s collaboration with Olivia Burton, wherein they worked with the Olivia Burton design team, beginning with the concept stage, progressing onto full architectural services and finally building the store in Covent Garden, London. They were with the Olivia Burton team every step of the way and offered a full 360-degree service to the retailer.

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Internally, heavy investment is being put into the company’s retail academies with the installation of a new auditorium where they plan to not only hold workshops with retailers, but also help the sector understand what’s coming next in the industry through seminars from guest lecturers from MIT and industry leaders. While Dynamic do operate on a global scale, one area they are looking to further integrate themselves in the future is Asia. This year they opened an office in Tokyo, which marks its first proper foothold in the East and a location from which they can push out further into the region.

Daily the business delivers projects across North America, Canada, Russia, Europe and the Far East, delivering projects of all sizes, from something as small as fixing a screw to building and delivering a full store. “Recently we have installed around ten stores globally for Ted Baker, and we have also completed a number of Sonos stores,” says Walsh. In the last year, the most important investment Dynamic has made has been in its communication sector, and the company feels they need to continue to invest in this area in the coming months. “We’ve invested heavily in reporting and project management software that will be launched shortly and this will cut back a lot of email traffic. We’ve put a lot of time, emphasis and investment into technology, as everybody today has a smartphone so having an app is imperative. We also train all local partners on our software to allow easy communication across many languages and locations, communication has definitely been our most important investment recently.”

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Moving with the market, the business is also currently heavily invested with the motor industry, as it believes that retail within that sector is in the process of revolutionising itself as the technology such as plug-in cars become more and more a part of the everyday norm. The key upcoming objectives for Dynamic are to be able to serve its clients better and communicate better with them. “It is not about us as a company; it is all about our clients and their needs.

We continue to work with over 120 of the world’s leading retailers and brands, many of them we have worked with for over 20 years, which gives you an idea about the relationships we build and the trust that is given to us by our clients, so it is imperative that we maintain these relationships,” says Walsh. The key strength of the company is its geographical spread and its diverse workforce, which represents the cosmopolitan world we live in. Its staff can converse in 25 different languages and represents around 30 countries.

“Right now, our greatest challenges are to make sure that in this ever-evolving technology driven world and market we ensure that we maintain and build relationships with our clients, as relationships are pivotal to everything we do here.” concludes Walsh.