The American brand has today introduced ‘The Lauren Look’, the company’s first subscription apparel rental initiative.

Ralph Lauren is the first luxury brand to pioneer a rental model, offering consumers an innovative new channel to experience, engage and ultimately shop the brand. ‘The Lauren Look’ platform responds to how consumers are building their personal wardrobes in a swiftly evolving and increasingly digitally-based retail landscape.

“Consumers today are taking a different approach to experiencing brands and building their wardrobes. The closet of the future will include a mix of new seasonal fashion, unique customized pieces and wardrobe staples, alongside pre-owned and rented clothing. With our timeless aesthetic, we are incredibly well positioned to play across each of these categories,” said Patrice Louvet, President and Chief Executive Officer.

The membership platform unlocks access to an ever-evolving selection of Lauren dresses, pants, tops, and more, as well as inspired suggestions from expert stylists on how to wear them. Starting at $125 per month, the size inclusive subscription allows members to curate the ultimate fashion closet with looks from the most recent Lauren collections.