Fit Out Review – Issue 110

A one-of-a-kind company in its field, Dynamic Resources grows from strength to strength, rising to any challenge with a customer-centric ethos at the heart of everything it does. RLI spoke to Managing Director Gerry Walsh to find out more…

Founded in 1994 and specialising in the project management and execution of store fixture, visual, and branding initiatives, Dynamic Resources has successfully implemented tens of thousands of projects around the world. Whether a client has two or two thousand locations, the company possesses the knowledge and experience to guarantee that projects are executed flawlessly. From field site surveys to fixture installations and from graphic change-outs to on-going maintenance programs, Dynamic Resources offers an array of services designed to ensure the successful presentation of any retail environment. These include full architectural services, site surveys, graphics, maintenance, shop-in-shop projects, full store construction, logistics or training. It specialises in multi-store roll-outs, with the ability to have multiple crews working simultaneously around the world.

“We are never too busy for the people who matter most – our clients, following the opening of a new Design Studio, which currently employs 15 architects, we now offer full architectural services.”
Gerry Walsh, Managing Director, Dynamic Resources

Operating across the globe, the company counts Nike, VF Corp, Ralph Lauren, House of Fraser, Coach and one of the largest technology companies in the world amongst its clients, truly understanding what it takes to service a global client base. Over the past 12 months Dynamic has continued to evolve successfully with its large growth. While clientele and employees have expanded, the company’s success remains the same due to the fact that, in essence, its Project & Account Managers continue to manage projects with the same consistent service, without watering down success.


Dynamic’s Retail Academy is also going from strength to strength, producing multilingual training videos for clients’ contractors: “The participation of clients and contractors, together with technology, has led to video training being so successful,” he adds. The company is working on a global roll-out for Ted Baker and has also recently completed store constructions for the retailer in Vancouver and Toronto in Canada, Malibu, Melrose in California and Hawaii. It has also recently completed a full store construction for Joe & The Juice in Grand Central, a new premium shopping mall in Birmingham. The company is also managing a roll-out for New Look in France having completed Clermont Ferrand and Moux. A new client, All Saints has given Dynamics the opportunity to manage its recently-added accessories roll-out in both Europe and North America.

“We are assisting clients on a global level who are gaining a foothold in new territories, opening several new stores in New York City in early spring and also Paris, Sydney and Tokyo, as you can appreciate, every client is just as important as the other. We maintain the same level of service and excitement throughout.”
Gerry Walsh, Managing Director, Dynamic Resources

In addition, the company has also completed a store in the world famous Printemps, Paris for Burberry and continues to serve one of the world’s largest technology brands globally. The company has several global roll-outs ongoing across Europe, North America and Asia, as well as managing a roll-out for VF Corp across Europe, both of which are expected to continue in 2016. Whilst constantly assessing new markets, Dynamic is currently developing its network in Tehran, where the company has employed a number of local staff to aid it in its transition. It is also in the process of preparing networks for both India and China.

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