Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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SDC Unveils Plans for New Mixed-Use Project

With an investment of around €700M, the Transilvania Smart City is expected to be the biggest real estate project in Romania upon completion.

Set to be built on a total of 35 hectares, the project will be delivered in phases with the first phase being developed on 3 hectare of land. This first phase will see the construction of around 800 apartments, an aparthotel, a nursery, shops, cafes, restaurants, a gym, a bank and a park. This phase is expected to be completed within around 18-24 months and will be followed by the second phase which will see the construction of a shopping centre, occupying an area of 100,000sq m.

The project also intends to have a number of leisure options available upon completion including two artificial lakes, an outdoor amphitheatre, a spa, and indoor and outdoor pools.

SDC plan to include a number of high-tech elements within the project with the key features thus far including home delivery via drones and a cable car drop-off at the airport, which sits around 1km away. Electric driving would be encouraged with electric buses serving the area and charging stations for electric cars available throughout.