A Unique Sensory Experience
Opening later this year, the 1.2 million square foot Cityland Mall project has been designed as a single level, super regional convenience centre with six distinct merchandising precincts. Here, RLI sits down with Fahimuddin Sharfuddin, CEO and Board Member of Cityland Group to find out what customers have in store for them.
The development and construction teams at Cityland Mall have been working day and night as the opening date of Cityland Group’s latest project, Cityland Mall draws near.

On course to open by the end of the year, the centre will feature a number of varying retail districts, dining options and entertainment attractions. In addition to retail, entertainment and sporting activities have been a focal point in the leasing strategy for the mall, and the company is proud to have a state-of-the-art multiscreen VOX Cinema, the family entertainment centre, Fabyland and a 3,000 seat amphitheatre which will host a variety of concerts, plays and demonstrations. “Rounding out the offer will be a number of customer convenience services and shops, ranging from banks and hair salons to money exchange and communication suppliers,” explains Fahimuddin Sharfuddin, CEO and Board Member of Cityland Group.

“Our objective is to provide our loyal customers with convenient access, convenient parking and easily accessible services.” With completion of the project now only a few months away, there has been a lot of demand for locations and several key areas within the project are almost fully leased.

The food court and entertainment pavilion is 80 per cent leased and there are dozens of commitments in place from various retailers for opening this year and next.
The focus for Cityland Group is to ensure there is a balance in the tenant mix and that demand from local catchment is satisfied. Central Park, one of the prime attractions of the project, is a 200,000sq ft open-air garden that will form the core of Cityland Mall and provide a one-of-a-kind sensory experience for shoppers.
Featured attractions will include a mini version of the famed Miracle Garden, an ancient tree garden, a Japanese garden and a 500m jogging track, positioning the mall as an excellent lifestyle space that blends together retail and fitness.

“The park will radically reshape the way people perceive a shopping mall and carve a special place in their minds due to its spectacular multi-sensory attractions. This is a recreational space that is designed to provide an atmosphere where shoppers can relax and enjoy themselves in a unique setting,” explains Sharfuddin.