Friday, June 21, 2024
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Westfield London Set to Welcome ‘Situ Live’

The new to market experiential retail concept will showcase the world’s best products and will be launched at the shopping centre in Spring 2021.

Situ Live is an entirely new concept that aims to bring some of the magic of theatre into the world of shopping. In person presenters will bring a number of products to life and knowledgeable advisors will assist customers to better understand each item.

Customers can then purchase items directly from the manufacturer simply by scanning a QR code, an exceptionally important part of the process as advisors can walk customers through the purchasing journey and complete the sale on behalf of Situ Lives’ brand partners.

Brands including Maserati, Lutron and Facebook have signed up as launch partners with Situ Live.

Warren Richmond, Founder and CEO of Situ Live, commented: “We’ve done a lot of research into what consumers want from a physical and digital shopping experience. Situ Live will be the destination for people who want to discover and experience products as they would in real life and then speak to knowledgeable experts who list and recommend products that improve their lives.”