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                                                                                   JUNE 2021
                           26               Special Features                   20  BE YOUR BEST SELF

                                                                                   Peloton uses technology and design to connect the world
                                                                                   through fitness, empowering people to be the best version
                                                                                   of themselves, anywhere, anytime.
                                                                                     EXPLORE NEW WORLDS
          Cover Story                                               20         22  The success of Geox is built on the constant focus and

        REIT Innovations creates temporary and     permanent                       application of innovative solutions and technologies that
                                                                                   guarantee quality and comfort.
        retail and entertainment immersive experiences that
        are  both  live  and  digital,  and  customised  for  mall
        owners,  investors,  retailers,  brands,    architectural              24  SUPERIOR SCALE, SUPERIOR SERVICES
        firms and sponsors.                                                        Interstate Hotels & Resorts is a true innovator in the
                                                                                   hospitality industry and are recognised as the leading third-
                                                                                   party hotel management company in the world.

                                                                   24              fashion and lifestyle group that is one of the largest fashion
                       Editor’s                                                28  INSPIRING SUSTAINABILITY
                       Foreword                                                    GERRY WEBER International AG is a globally operating
                                                                                   groups in Germany.
          Already  we  find  ourselves  with  the  June  issue,  where  is
          this year going? Anyway back to the present, this issue              30  ILLUMINATING CHILDHOOD MEMORIES
          includes interviews with the game-changing brand Peloton,                The Entertainer is a unique company that is here to create
          high profile brands Geox and GERRY WEBER and leading                     memories for every child whilst delivering outstanding
          children’s toy company The Entertainer. Add to this Special              customer service for both children and adults.
          Features on AR & VR and Integrated Resorts and a Voyager
          on Asia & Australasia and you’ve got plenty to keep you up-          40  SPECIAL FEATURE - AR & VR
          to-date on everything in the world of retail and leisure.   28           Next Level Experiences
          Until next time…                                                         2020 was the year of Covid-19 and the year that AR, AI, VR
                                                                                   and XR propelled the e-commerce shopping experience to
            James Quinn, Editor
                                                                                   the next frontier.
                                                                               44  SPECIAL FEATURE - INTEGRATED RESORTS
                                                                                   Livin’ La Vida Local
                       Publisher’s                                                 Integrated Resorts are a hot topic at the moment as they
                       Comment                                                     begin to spring up all over the world, RLI takes a look at a
                                                                                   selection of the key schemes around the globe.
                                                                   48          48  VOYAGER - ASIA & AUSTRALASIA
          Here in the UK, things are definitely beginning to look up, the
          sun is shining, retail, leisure and hospitality venues are open,         Back On The Rise
          international travel has begun and the countdown is on until             A powerhouse in global terms, the Asia-Pacific region looks
          final restrictions are lifted.                                           set to be entering an era of dominance and a period of
          In our June issue we immerse ourselves into a virtual world              sustained economic growth. Across these pages, we take
          with this month’s Cover Story as we explore how REIT                     a look at a group of retail real estate projects that show
          Innovations create temporary and permanent retail and                    why this has been the case in recent times and the future
          entertainment experiences which will revolutionise the   Regulars        projects back up these claims of growth.
          industry going forward.
          The wait is finally over, as we announce this year’s shortlist
          on page 18 for the much anticipated Global RLI Awards   04 RLI MEETS - JAMES DAUNT  32 MARK FAITHFULL - FOLLOWING THE MONEY
          2021, we can look forward to partying the night away on 23
          September as we celebrate and recognise the most visionary
          and innovative retail & leisure projects and concepts around   06 UK NEWS  34 RETAIL INSIGHT - TOUFIC KREIDIEH
          the world.
          The Awards will follow ‘RLI Connect Global’, to be held                35 DESIGN WEB GALLERY
          in London on 21-22 September. As we all come to terms   08 INTERNATIONAL NEWS
          with new shared realities, staying connected has never been            36 LEISURE INSIGHT - ALAN ROBERTSON
          more prevalent and as retail reinvents itself with big ideas
          and transformations, RLI Connect Global will continue   10 AMERICAS NEWS
          to connect retailers, leisure operators and entertainment              37 FIT-OUT WEB GALLERY
          concepts with investors, owners, developers and prospective
          partners across the globe.         12 MIDDLE EAST NEWS                 38 EVERYTHING DIGITAL - GARY BURROWS &
                                                                                          STEVE BROOKS
          Enjoy the read!
                                             14 ASIA NEWS                        52 EVENTS PAGE
            Jayne Rafter, Publisher

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