Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Canada Goose Unveils New Spring Campaign

For their latest Spring campaign, Canada Goose has partnered with photographer and actor Cole Sprouse and a diverse collective of creative talent on an elevated outdoor experience.

The campaign, centred around the brand’s Live in the Open ethos, celebrates the strength and importance of a tight-knit community while showcasing Canada Goose styles from head to toe, including the newest release of the brand’s footwear collection, all being put to the test outside in Big Sur, California.

The Canada Goose brand is constantly energised by community, motivated by connection and togetherness. Known as Basecamp, the brand engages with friends in many ways – from offering exclusive access, first-to-know updates, to local events, to product including new collections, acclaimed interviews and discussions with designers and artists. To be a part of Basecamp is to be bonded through experiences, emphasizing the relationship between people and nature. Live in the Open, Canada Goose’s brand ethos, represents an invitation to express oneself freely and without judgement. At the core the brand enables people to thrive and connect with the world outside. Canada Goose brings Live in the Open to life through this campaign and encourages its community to discover the world around them.

The campaign is a celebration of the beauty of the outdoors and its endless possibilities. It is directed and photographed by Cole Sprouse, featuring Romeo Beckham. The beachfront location of Big Sur, California, provides a stunning landscape and backdrop for a multitude of activities – camping, hiking, canoeing, and appreciating everything that nature has to offer. Authenticity is at the forefront, immersing oneself in this breathtaking environment and the magic of adventure.