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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Retail & Leisure International - Insights

A silver lining for retail spaces in the cloud of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is having a debilitating effect on the brick- and-mortar retail sector, but it also offers shopping centers, malls, and other physical retail spaces an opportunity to create strategies to bounce back in the coming months, and perhaps even win back customers from online retailers.

The Corona-Effect in the shopfitting industry

The world and the retail sector are literally gasping for breath - now it is time to keep a cool head. RLI talks to Silvio Kirchmair, CEO of umdasch The Store Makers, about the situation at umdasch and how things could continue in the retail sector.

What will retail look like after Covid-19?

As the world begins to adapt to the pandemic that has swept over the globe in recent times, Mete Varas, Co-Founder of Shopi, an omni-channel retail cloud company helping brands to stay ahead of the competition has offered a two-part view on what retail may look like post Covid-19.

Impact of COVID-19 on the LBE VR Industry

Kevin Williams – a leading specialist in the digital Out-of- Home entertainment industry, through his consultancy KWP Limited, specialises in interactive entertainment. Here he discusses the impact the coronavirus has had on the Location- Entertainment Center scene and the VR industry and what the long-term aspects could mean for the sector post Covid-19.

The Evolution of Retail

In this month’s retail insight, Ishwar Chugani, Managing Director of Giordano takes a look at the rise of e-commerce in recent years and how it has challenged brick-and-mortar retailers to ramp up their in-store experience and offer incentives to shoppers that cannot be acquired online.

Trends Transforming the Foodservice Industry

Ben Gardner, CEO of Navitas takes some time out from his regular schedule to pen this month’s leisure insight, which highlights the five key trends that are transforming the foodservice industry – and what that means for safety in the food industry.

Real Revolution

Gareth Jordan, Director at ART Software Group, the technology company behind Retail Advantage examines how to create and maintain momentum to make positive change in retail real estate.

Six Drinks Trends For This Spring

Birmingham based marketing agency Big Cat specialises in marketing communications for hospitality businesses and has become somewhat of an expert in this diverse sector over the last 17 years. In this article CEO & Founder Anthony Tattum takes a look at six of the biggest drinks trends to look out for this spring, from Healthification to Botanicals to CBD!

Why the hotel industry needs to digitise purchasing

Gone are the days when Excel lists, faxes and e-mails were essential to procurement functions in the hospitality industry. Here, Dave Brittain, Head of Amazon Business UK argues how digitisation is becoming increasingly important to companies who want to secure their future.

Lynchpin for Success

Giles Membrey, Managing Director of Rioja Estates, the development company behind the forthcoming Grantham Designer Outlet Village, explains how the tenant/landlord relationship seen in outlets could benefit the ailing high street.

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