Not just in the garment business, Colin’s is in the business of making people feel better with its products and services. Here, RLI sits down with Chief Executive Chairman Yavuz Eroglu to discuss the business and what the future holds for the company.

Colin’s offers innovation, fit and quality in its stores all over the world. Its understanding of innovation makes for striking showcases, creative collections and diversity where customers feel different feelings. Its understanding of fit means that customers can be free to feel comfortable and to reflect their own personal style, while it’s understanding of quality means they can always offer sustainable qualities with its colour, fabric, stitching, durability and stance.

Today the company has a portfolio of more than 600 stores across 38 countries. In addition to its home market of Turkey, its major markets are Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, Morocco and Georgia. The brand also operate franchises in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Greece, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Cyprus, Jordan, Palestine, Qatar, Kosovo, Serbia, Libya, Ivory Coast, Iran and Kazakhstan. In the past 12 months, Colin’s has launched 40 new stores in 13 countries, along with rejuvenating and globalising the brand perception.

Colins Jeans
Colins Jeans

“In addition to our countr y-specific marketing and adver tisement activities, we have also initiated global campaigns to connect our markets,” explains. Yavuz Eroglu, Chief Executive Chairman of Colin’s. Colin ’s Jeans Fest is one of the best examples of this. The youth in all corners of the world brim with the same excitement and desire to discover. As the brand of choice for the young and the young at heart, we have molded this desire into the Jeans Fest. Running for nine years now, it has become a brand association and our customers in our operating countries eagerly await the next festival.” In recent years, the brand has grown by 20 per cent each year and is rapidly creating a favourable customer perception in its new markets. In the past month alone, the company has inaugurated five new stores across five countries: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Morocco. The new Moroccan store is the third in the country and the second in Casablanca.

“By 2020, we aim to achieve a 20 per cent growth to become one of the most preferred denim brands in our operating markets. Accordingly, we aim to launch approximately 50 new stores in our target markets by the end of the year,” says Eroglu. Looking forward, the company is particularly excited about the Tunisian, Moroccan, Lebanese, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Iraqi and Egyptian markets. The company opened its first store in Morocco in early 2018 and they aim to cement their investments across North Africa within three years. There is also a roadmap in place for the Balkans and Central Europe, while Greece and Slovakia are attractive markets due to their young population. The Far East also offers significant opportunities for the brand and they have been closely following and looking into investment opportunities in China and India in recent months.

A large organisation with stores across the world, Colin’s main concern remains translating customer trends into products. To maintain its current global position, the company regularly travels to the world’s fashion capitals to attend trade fairs, and visit its own stores across the world. – “We follow the latest customer trends and design our products in Turkey and other countries, using new techniques and working with different design houses, R&D units, manufacturers and clothiers. These designs are later manufactured at the highest quality and speed to be delivered to our stores and presented to our customers,” explains Eroglu.

A huge presence in the lives of its core customer market, social media plays a substantial part in the current marketing strategies of Colin’s and as such they make significant investments in this field. They do not consider social media as a commercial platform, but rather a means to establish genuine communication and to engage and strengthen its connections with young people. One channel they have focused on in recent times is the sponsoring of e-sports events, which are very much loved by young people and they invest in their preferred platforms of YouTube to strengthen its ties to the youth of today.


“We prioritise providing our customers with affordable products that will make them feel cool and comfortable and which suits their preferences. Our brand serves whatever suits our customers. Seeing smiles on our customers’ faces is our ultimate motivation. Our customers love to return to our stores as they know they’ll always leave smiling,” says Eroglu. Driven by its self-confidence, its customer-centric approach and its successful track record, Colin’s is designed at every level to become Turkey’s first globally successful fashion brand. Its strength and conviction are founded on the mission to inspire young people to enjoy life more with its denim jeans.