The retail sector is the leading driver of global economic growth and securing brands is key to solving challenges in the global retail industry. Barbara D’Amato, CEO of Trilogy Brands Group, sits down with RLI to discuss how the company is capitalising on great momentum and growing the portfolio with dozens of unique brands that engage consumers worldwide.
Trilogy Brands Group is building a highway for the introduction of exciting brands to access international markets by leveraging from the power of global partnerships. “Nothing is more inspiring than delivering on the experience,” says Barbara, D’Amato, CEO of Trilogy Brands Group. “When you see these brands in action, it means we have succeeded in connecting the world.” Innovate. Connect with the world. Amaze. The company’s goal is to create, guide, implement and accelerate strategic direction and global development for some of the world’s hottest brands with out-of-the-box experiences in food and beverage, retail, hospitality and entertainment. As the CEO of Trilogy Brands Group, Barbara is empowering American brands to redirect their horizons, by leveraging from the power of global partnerships. “I am a true global citizen. I believe the world is flat. And that the only viable investment is humanity” says Barbara, as she devotes her life to her passion to bridge the gap between continents, creating a “highway” for the introduction of brands globally.
The group believes the key components needed to truly execute a global operations platform is brand value, financial muscle, and human capital. F&B, retail, hospitality and entertainment are at the heart of this strategy. Trilogy Brands Group delivers to its clients and to its global partners a cohesive, turn-key investment platform solution for expansion into key international markets that encompass all three components. Working with fashion and retail powerhouse brands like Halston, Grayse, Misahara, Butera, Trilogy Brands Group view these brands as a reflection of how they see the world, the fashion, women, beauty, décor and lifestyle. There are a lot of steps in the process of invoking the spirit of Halston into the brand’s contemporary individuality to correlate with the freedom women have today; or making a handsewn Italian gemstone laser cut pave dress by Grayse -the founders of St John, considered one of the most disruptive fashion houses of all time forever changing the woman-wear attire for work; or a unique, one-of-a-kind statement piece of jewellery handcrafted for you by Misahara -the recent brand of choice for Lady Gaga and other celebrities at The Met Gala in New York.