Balancing Innovation With Tradition
Oslo S Utvikling AS is a master developer that was
established in 2001 and is now an important player
in Norway’s largest urban development project in
recent times. Here, RLI meets with some members
of the OSU team and the consulting team to take a
look at the ground-breaking scheme in more detail.
Bispevika is a major new 166,000sq m development in Oslo’s original fjord location in one of the most strategically positioned sites in the city, adjacent to the Central Station. Bispevika is the main component of a wider area called Bjørvika, and is the location of master developer OSU - Oslo S Utvikling AS’s current regeneration project. Bjørvika is home to national cultural institutions such as the Opera House, which was completed in 2007, the development of the new Munch Museum which will complete next year and the new national library called the Deichmann library. “Already under construction and due for a phased completion by 2024, its offer will consist of 14,000sq m of retail, 21,000sq m of offices and 131,000sq m of housing,” says Rolf Thorsen, CEO of OSU. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a new community in the heart of the city in one of the most strategic and highly anticipated locations in Oslo today.”
In the last year focus has been given to developing and sharpening a distinct identity and profile for Bispevika, on a strategic as well as an architectural level. With this foundation now created, the time has come to move ahead onto signing deals with the exciting tenants who have shown interest in coming to the area and contributing to its growth. The preceding 12 months has also seen an increase in the intensity of the construction pace, apartments sold and new records set for housing prices in the area. “Our vision is to develop Bjørvika into Norway’s most attractive commercial and residential area – and our architecture, masterplanning and location are all supporting this,” explains Thorsen. “Bispevika is all about bringing Scandinavian lifestyle to the waterfront – a series of wonderful new boutiques, stores and services will spring up, welcoming people to meet up, taste and savour experiences, it’s all part of this exciting new journey for the city,” adds Maria Rognerud, Retail Development Director at OSU.