Mermaid Bay will soon be home to Coffi Co’s ‘Gin & Bake’ concept after a deal was signed by the Schroder UK Real Estate Fund.

The 150,000sq m mixed-use destination on Cardiff Bay’s waterfront will house the soon to be fully 4,157sq ft waterfront unit for the new concept, which was previously occupied by Carluccio’s. The unit also features a 732sq ft external seating area.

Justin Carty, Managing Director, Coffi Co, commented: “We are very excited to expand our Coffi Co business and introduce our new Gin & Bake venue. We are bringing something new and very different to Mermaid Quay with our live bakery and new gin garden. We are focused on building a business that combines the key ingredients of a great leisure driven location, welcoming atmosphere and the very best coffee, freshly baked cakes and of course gin!  We’re keen to continue with our growth strategy by focusing on continually improving and expanding our offer in new and exciting leisure driven locations across South Wales.”

Harry Pickering, SREF’s Head of UK Retail, commented: “Gin & Bake is sure to prove a popular draw at Mermaid Quay.  We have always sought to have a number of strong local offers in the tenant line up at Mermaid Quay, complementing the national brands. Coffi Co has provided such a business, starting as a temporary occupier and quickly moving to a longer-term lease and we are very excited by the new Gin & Bake concept.   As we now start to move forward, we would love to see more local operators coming to Mermaid Quay to trial the location with pop-up and/or flexible options and would encourage anyone interested to get in touch with our agents Savills and Smith Price RRG.”