London’s thriving dessert franchise Heavenley Desserts is welcoming a brand new restaurant in the ‘sweet spot’ of the city’s most visited tourist area, Baker Street, Marylebone.

The two-storey luxury restaurant will open its doors on Saturday 1 October, giving visitors from all over the world the chance to taste its delicious new tapas-style menu, comprised of multiple signature dishes that are transforming the eating-out industry. 

Yousif Aslam, Managing Director at Heavenly Desserts, said: “We are so very excited for our latest store opening in our first central London location, where we are set to welcome locals, as well as tourists, including families and travel enthusiasts, who we are certain, will enjoy dining out at our vibrant store in the lively area of Marylebone. It’s been a brilliant year so far, with rapid growth enabling the launch of new stores having joined the Heavenly Desserts family in 2022 alone. Soon we will be marking our 50th restaurant in the UK, with expansion on the horizon in Canada, USA, Mexico and the Middle East.”