Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Dubai’s Design District Home to New Concept

The design firm Roar has announced the completion of its latest project, the Underground store, a new multi-brand sporting goods outlet in the heart of Dubai’s Design District.

The design of the store provides a dynamic shopping experience that caters’ to today’s active lifestyle trends. With a wide array of sports merchandise, from tennis and basketball to gold and free training equipment, the store is designed to appeal to a diverse clientele.

Pallavi Dean, Founder and Creative Director of Roar, commented: “When designing this new store, we had to ensure the environment was relatively neutral. This idea stemmed from the brand name itself—Underground. We wanted to avoid anything too pastiche. Instead, we asked ourselves how we could creatively reinterpret ‘underground’ to inspire the interiors of the space.”

The entire space is clad in white subway tiles, creating a blank canvas that accentuates the vibrant colours of the products on display. This minimalist backdrop ensures that each item stands out to catch the often short-spanned attention of today’s customers. The use of scaffolding-style materials for displays and hanging rails introduces an urban, industrial vibe, reinforcing the store’s contemporary aesthetic.