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                                                                                NOVEMBER 2020

                                            Special Features
                           26                                                  20  EMPOWERING AND INSPIRING WOMEN

                                                                                   Lindex is an international fashion company that has its
                                                                                   head office in Gothenburg. Here RLI sits down with CEO
                                                                                   Susanne Ehnbåge to discuss the business.
                                                                                     TRANSFORMING WORLDS
                                                                    20             Comprised of over 200 full-time employees and hundreds
        Cover Story                                                                of collaborators, Meow Wolf creates and supports art
        A  celebration  of  timeless  British  design,  The                        across a variety of media.

        Londoner  Macao,  the  new  project  from  Las Vegas                       DEFIANTLY INDEPENDENT
        Sands Corporation is set to recreate London’s classic                  24
        districts and feature British themed boutiques.                            In this interview, RLI sits down with Marcello Distefano,
                                                                                   Managing Director of San Carlo Restaurant Group to
                                                                                   discuss how the brand has grown.

                       Editor’s                                                28  PROMOTING TRANSFORMATION
                       Foreword                                    24              Already the leading hotel company in Spain and one of the
                                                                                   largest in the world, Meliá Hotels International continues

        Hello and welcome to RLI’s November issue, our highly-                     to look to the future.
                                                                                   EXPRESS YOUR INDIVIDUALITY
        anticipated MAPIC edition. Due to the ongoing effects of the           30
        coronavirus, MAPIC has now become MAPIC & LeisurUp                         Founded by Sheherazade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey in
        Digital and this is reflected in our MAPIC & LeisurUp insight              2013, Loquet is a London-based fine jewellery concept that
        which  highlights  key  projects  and  leisure  concepts  from             puts a modern spin on an era-spinning idea.
        around the world. Add this to the range of news, views and
        interviews and you’ve got yourself a bumper issue to hold              32  THE ADVENTURE LIFESTYLE EXPERIENCE
        you over until our December edition arrives. Till next time…   30          A shoppable magazine, SEIKK was born out of a desire to
          James Quinn, Editor                                                      merge content and commerce online, bringing together a
                                                                                   more considered lifestyle approach for active gentlemen.
                                                                               52  MAPIC & LEISURUP DIGITAL INSIGHT
                       Publisher’s                                                 A New Platform for Retail
                       Comment                                                     In a year unlike any other, MAPIC, the largest international
                                                                                   retail real estate event for industry leaders around the
                                                                                   world returns for its 26th edition in an all-new digital
        As I write this, I am brimming with excitement at today’s                  format as the world continues to adjust to the ‘new
        arrival  of  my  second  grandchild,  another  gorgeous  little            normal’ the coronavirus has created.
        girl, it’s nice to have more reasons to smile amid the daily   32
        struggles we continue to face across our industry. It has              68  VOYAGER - ASIA & AUSTRALASIA
        been another whirlwind few weeks for the RLI team putting                  Signs of Recovery
        to bed our most sought after issue of the year, our MAPIC                  It has been a turbulent year across the globe, but now
        edition and whilst this year’s event is 100 per cent digital, the          there are encouraging signals across Asia and Australasia.
        industry is looking forward to being a part of it with much                Here, RLI takes a look at some of the major projects that
        awaited  anticipation. We  need  to  grasp  this  opportunity
        to connect with our friends, colleagues and new business  Regulars         have opened and are due to open in these regions.
        associates, grow our businesses and share our ideas through
        its live content and networking. MAPIC has always been and
        will continue to be an innovative and powerful networking   04  RLI MEETS - JOÃO CEPEDA  40  RETAIL INSIGHT - SIMON HEDAUX
        solution connecting the whole retail real estate community   06
        at a time when we need it the most, and RLI are pleased   UK NEWS       42  OUTLET PROFILE - NEINVER
        to  have  once  again  strengthened  its  Partnership  for  the   08  INTERNATIONAL NEWS
        thirteenth year with this issue being hosted on their MAPIC             44  LEISURE INSIGHT - HUGH TAYLOR
        Digital Platform for all participants to view.   10  AMERICAS NEWS
        I hope that you enjoy reading this month’s Cover Story on               45  DESIGN GALLERY
        Sands Retail and their new iconic project, The Londoner   12  MIDDLE EAST NEWS
        Macao along with many other exciting features, profiles, lead   16  ASIA NEWS  46  TECHNOLOGY PROFILE -
        interviews and of course our MAPIC & LeisurUp Insight.                      ART SOFTWARE GROUP
        Stay Healthy and Safe and don’t forget to stay tuned into our   34  RETAIL DESTINATION PROFILE -
        ‘RLI Talks’ Podcasts, weekly inspiring podcasts with iconic   MALL OF QATAR  48  INDUSTRY INSIGHT - BILL KISTLER
        leaders sharing interesting insights and secrets to success in
        the world of retail & leisure.      36  MARK FAITHFULL                  49  FIT OUT GALLERY
        Until next month…                   38  SHOPPING CENTRE PROFILE -
           Jayne Rafter, Publisher              PRISTINA CITY CENTER            74  EVENTS PAGE

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