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            NEXT HAS OPENED ONE OF ITS FIRST BEAUTY &                                                                          TIMOTHY OULTON BUILDS A

            HOME STORES AT INTU WATFORD                                                                                        REALM OF RECONNECTION                                                  GRAVITY LAUNCHES NEW SITE
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Active  entertainment  brand  Gravity  has
                                                                                                                                                                                                      launched an exclusive family-focused site in the
             Taking over the former Debenhams location, the NEXT                                                               Sloane  Stanley  are  pleased  to  announce                            heart  of Warrington. At  nearly  3,000sq  m,  the
             store  includes  a  Beauty,  Home  and Women’s  fashion                                                           that British furniture and interiors company                           new attraction features wall-to-wall Trampolines,
             lifestyle offering, bringing visitors even more high-quality                                                      Timothy Oulton will be launching the first                             Ninja Run, Wipe Out, Toddler area, Newtons bar
             retail choice.                                                                                                    dedicated Noble Souls showroom at 324-                                 and restaurant, Smart Darts and mouth-watering
              This  is  one  of  the  first  of  NEXT’s  physical  beauty                                                      326  Kings  Road,  further  enhancing  the                             waffles from the Wafflemeister Cafe.
             stores to open, which will see the retailer extend its                                                            brand’s  global  network  in  antiques  and
             fast  growing  premium  online  beauty  offer  into  bricks                                                       premium  handcrafted  furniture,  which
             and  mortar.  Featuring  beauty  brands  such  as  Benefit,                                                       includes  its  recent  acquisition  of  Sofa                           SKY OPENS PHYSICAL SPACE
             Urban Decay, Bare Minerals, M.A.C and Lancôme, the                                                                Workshop from DFS Limited.                                             26  October  saw  the  opening  of  Sky’s  first
             new concept store is set to become a popular addition                                                               Launching on 27 November, the 1,658sq                                ever physical store, which encompasses all its
             to the North West London retail destination.                                                                      ft  showroom  aims  to  reconnect  people                              customer service, pay TV, mobile and broadband
              Speaking  on  behalf  of  intu  Watford,  Kate  Grant                                                            with  original  makers  natural  materials                             offerings  in  one  place.  Located  at  Liverpool
             commented:  “We  are  delighted  to  have  welcomed                                                               through  a  unique  range  of  sofas  and                              ONE, the concept store will be separated into
             the  first  shoppers  to  NEXT  Beauty  &  Home  at  intu                                                         furniture,  beautifully  handcrafted  using                            designated themed spaces.
             Watford. This is a great addition to the centre, and will                                                         ancient techniques. The new space is a close
             be fantastic for visitors looking to purchase gifts in the                                                        neighbout  of Timothy  Oulton’s  7,200sq  ft
             run up to Christmas. We are seeing a healthy flow of                                                              global flagship at 35 Kings Road, which has                            GEEK RETREAT SET TO GROW
             new deals and openings like this one across our centres,                                                          been present since 2018.                                               Geek  culture  retailer,  Geek  Retreat,  has
             as confidence continues to pick up in the retail sector.”                                                                                                                                announced  plans  to  open  100  new  stores
                                                                                                                                                                                                      on  high  streets  around  the  country  over  the
                                                                                                                               TRANSFORMATION OF ICONIC                                               next two years - breathing new life into town
                                                                                                                               YORKSHIRE CINEMA UNDERWAY                                              centres. The  opening  of  100  stores  will  also
                                                                                                                                                                                                      create circa 600 jobs around the UK.

                                                                                                                               A  treasured  Redcar  cinema  is  set  to  be   as well as glazed terracotta tiles and feature
                                                                                                                               transformed  as  work  starts  on  site  after   entrance canopy. The plan also includes the   JYSK TO ADD SIX NEW STORES
                                                                                                                               plans  by  GT3  Architects  were  given  the   construction of a new sea defence structure   The  largest  Danish  retailer  operating  globally,
                                                                                                                               green light.                       from the beach to promenade level.  JYSK is set to open six new stores by the end
                                                                                                                                 The  Regent  Cinema  is  a  beachfront   “Suzanne Blair, Associate Director at GT3,   of its financial year in August 2021, creating 100
                                                                                                                               landmark  building  that  has  been  providing   said: “We’re  delighted  that  work  has  now   jobs and taking the total number of UK stores to
                                                                                                                               entertainment  in  Redcar,  North Yorkshire,   started on this exciting and iconic project.   26. The first store of the expansion is to open in
                                                                                                                               for  more  than  100  years.  Following  its   The  Regent  Cinema  has  been  continually   Liverpool and be its biggest store in the country.
                                                                                                                               closure  in  2018,  Redcar  and  Cleveland   reinvented  throughout  its  lifetime  and
                                                                                                                               Borough  Council  developed  a  plan  to   this  new  incarnation  will  give  it  a  new
                                                                                                                               completely  reimagine  the  single  screen   lease  of  life  and  be  of  great  value  to  the    EDEN MENSWEAR EXPANDS
                                                                                                                               cinema  to  provide  a  brand-new  leisure   local community.          Prestigious mens’ multi-brand, Eden Menswear,
             ADIDAS HAS OPENED THE DOORS TO ITS NEW ADIDAS ORIGINALS’ FLAGSHIP STORE ON CARNABY STREET, LONDON - A HOME OF ORIGINALS. THE STORE WILL HOUSE THE MOST                                   has opened a new store at Springfields Outlet,
             DESIGN THAT IS TRUE TO THE HEART OF SOHO. THE FLAGSHIP OFFERS SOME OF THE BRAND’S MOST EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT RELEASES, INCLUDING SPEZIAL, IVY PARK AND YEEZY,   The  scheme  includes  three  screens  -   architectural  practice  with  studios  in   the leading retail and leisure destination in the
             AS WELL AS HYPER LOCAL PRODUCT STORIES AND COLLECTIONS - BECOMING THE DESTINATION FOR ADIDAS ORIGINALS PRODUCTS IN LONDON.  offering  95,  54  and  35  spaces  respectively   Nottingham  and  Newcastle.  The  people   East of England. The new store stocks the latest
                                                                                                                               - and a cafe with specatcular views of the   focused  firm  works  across  a  number  of   designer  menswear  from  premium  brands
             LIFESTYLE OUTLETS ADDS                               CHILDREN’S LEISURE                                           North  Sea  as  well  as  associated  facilities.   different sectors including sports and leisure,     including Lacoste, Lyle & Scott, Jack and Jones,
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Luke, Wrangler and many others.
                                                                                                                               The two-storey building will feature a glass
             A NEW TENANT                                         COMPLEX LAUNCHES                                             walled foyer, to make the most of the views,   and more.
             Lifestyle Outlets has announced a new tenant signing to its Quayside   Fun Street, a two-level interactive family entertainment centre,
             MediaCityUK scheme with fashion retailer, Crew Clothing Company   has  officially  launched  its  debut  site  at  Silverburn,  one  of
             opening  recently. The  outlet  store  is  the  latest  brand  to  join  the   Scotland’s  leading  retail  and  leisure  destinations. As  part  of  a
             centre scheme set in the stunning waterside location in the heart of   phased opening, 75 per cent of the 14,000sq ft independently
             Greater Manchester.                                  owned venue opened to the public last month.
              With  coastal  roots  forming  the  backbone  of  the  brand,  Crew   The new site caters primarily to children aged 0 - 12 years
             Clothing  remains  passionate  about  showcasing  beautiful  British   and  offers  an  interactive  playground  modelled  on  a  magical
             design  and  craftmanship  in  its  casual  colthing  collection. The  new   storybook town. Formed of six zones, it has a tropical beach
             store is packed with quality wardrobe staples including classic coats,   for younger children, Fun Street town on the lower level, which
             shirts, sweatshirts, loungewear and blazers to name but a few. The   inspires  lots  of  imaginative  play  and  creativity,  plus  an  izone
             new store spans 1,926sq ft and has created six new jobs.  space upstairs aimed for older children featuring digital gaming
              Jason Pullen, Managing Director at Lifestyle Outlets, commented:   walls  and  interactive  animation  screens.  Role-play  houses,
             “We’re continuously working to ensure Quayside MediaCityUK is a   party rooms, a home cinema and music elements all encourage                           
             go to destination in the city for shopping, dining and entertainment   interaction  between  parent/carer  and  child,  and  the  different                    25-26 MAY 2021                 27 MAY 2021
             so adding Crew Clothing expands our fashion offering and will hugely   zones address imagination, physical play, cognitive development
             increase the appeal of the centre to our customers.”  and pure entertainment.                                                                                  London, UK                     London, UK

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