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            MEIJER HAS CONTINUED THE EXPANSION OF                                                                              FLORIDA BECOMES FIVE BELOW’S

            ITS SMALL-STORE GROCERY CONCEPT                                                                                    NUMBER TWO MARKET                                                      NEW AQUARIUM TO LAUNCH
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Set to launch in the Spring of 2021,the aquarium
                                                                                                                                                                                                      will be operated by Blue Zoo. Occupying a space
             The  37,000sq  ft  Capital  City  Market  is  located  in  downtown                                               The pandemic has not interfered with Five                              of  16,000sq  ft,  the  new  Blue  Zoo Aquarium
             Lansing, Michigan, on the first level of the new mixed-use Block600                                               Below’s  aggressive  expansion  plans  in  the                         will  be  located  on  the  first  floor  of  the  Mall
             development. It offers a wide assortment of fresh and prepared foods,                                             Sunshine State. Thirty new store openings in                           of Louisiana. The opening is critical for the mall
             including bakery items, fresh meat, deli offerings and an international                                           2020 gives the brand 93 locations in Florida,                          given that now more than ever traditional retail
             food aisle. Meijer and national brand products are featured, along                                                making it the brand’s second most covered                              continues to struggle amid Covid-19.
             with an estimated 3,000 local, artisan items.                                                                     state after Texas with 109.
              The new market, the third that Meijer has opened, also boasts a                                                    Five  Below’s  expanded  footprint  there
             coffee shop with a full functioning coffee and espresso bar and a beer,                                           includes  malls,  town  centres  and  outdoor                          SAME-DAY DELIVERY AT BELK
             wine and liquor counter.                                                                                          shopping  centres.  New  locations  include                            The department store retailer will now offer
              The design of Capital City Market was inspired by the local culture                                              Southland Mall and Mall of the Americas in                             same-day delivery for any orders placed directly
             in  Lansing’s  downtown  Stadium  District.  The  store  features  six                                            the  south-east,  Century Town  Center  and                            via their website. Operating 300 stores across
             garage-style doors that open to an outdoor fresh produce and floral                                               The  Loop  in  central  Florida,  and  Bay  City                       16 states, customers are now able to utilise a
             area. One side of the market has an oversized mural of vibrantly-                                                 Point  and  Shoppes  at  Paradise  Bay  in  the                        same-day delivery option, with a Belk personal
             coloured produce.                                                                                                 Panhandle.                                                             shopper filling the order and delivering by 9pm.
              Meijer unveiled its neighbourhood grocery format in 2018, opening                                                  Most  of  the  new  stores  conform  to  its
             Bridge Street Market in Grand Rapids, Michigan.                                                                   8,500sq ft prototype, but some were larger
                                                                                                                               to fit in particular centres.                                          RETAILER GROWS FOOTPRINT
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dick’s Sporting Goods continues to expand its
                                                                                                                               DOLLAR GENERAL TO LAUNCH NEW,                                          nationwide  footprint  and  add  new  concepts
                                                                                                                                                                                                      to  its  store  portfolio.  In  October,  they  added
                                                                                                                               MORE UPSCALE STORE CONCEPT                                             11 new stores and also began the opening of a
                                                                                                                                                                                                      limited number of Soccer Shops, which are being
                                                                                                                                                                                                      billed as “a new, elevated soccer experience”.
                                                                                                                               Dollar  General  is  launching  a  new  retail   ranging  from  $50,000  to  $125,000  the
                                                                                                                               concept aimed at a more upscale shopper   company announced.
                                                                                                                               than its namesake stores but one that is just   The  new  concept  leverages  Dollar   SMOOTHIE BRAND ON TRACK
                                                                                                                               as appreciative of a bargain.      Genral’s  merchandising  learnings  and  real   The fast-casual chain has now opened 75 new
                                                                                                                                 The  discounter’s  new  format,  called   estate  and  operational  excellence,  but   locations  across  the  US  so  far  this  year  out
                                                                                                                               Popshelf,  will  feature  a  non-consumable   offers  a  different  shopping  experience.   of a plan to open 85. Tropical Smoothie Café
                                                                                                                               merchandise mix that includes seasonal and   Merchandise  will  be  continually  refreshed   opened  their  first  location  in  1997  and  ever
                                                                                                                               home  décor,  health  and  beauty  essentials,   and  include  seasonal  specials  and  limited-  since the launch of this store, customers have
                                                                                                                               cleaning  supplies,  party  goods,  crafts  and   time  items.  The  interior  has  a  bright,   enjoyed their unique and refreshing smoothies.
                                                                                                                               more. Nearly all – 95 per cent of the items   colourful  look,  with  bold  graphics  and  a
                                                                                                                               are priced at $5 or less. Stores will average   purple and white colour scheme.
                                                                                                                               about 9,000sq ft.                    “We  are  excited  to  introduce  Popshelf   WINN-DIXIE IS SET TO EXPAND
                                                                                                                                 Popshelf  will  make  its  debut  in  the   from  a  position  of  strength,  further   The company is going to open four stores this
             OPERATED HOME FURNISHINGS RETAILER HAS OPENED ARHAUS STUDIO, IN CARMEL, CALIFORNIA. THE NEW CONCEPT MARKS THE COMPANY’S NEW STRATEGY AND APPROACH   coming  weeks,  with  two  locations  near   highlighting  our  innovative  spirit  and
             TO BRINGING ARHAUS INTO THE HEART OF LUXURY COMMUNITIES. ARHAUS STUDIO OFFERS A SERVICE-FIRST APPROACH TO THE SAME HANDMADE FURNITURE AND DÉCOR THE   Nashville,  Tennessee  in  Hendersonville   building  on  our  proven  track  record  of   Southeastern Grocers, parent company of Bi-Lo,
             BRAND IS KNOWN FOR, BUT WITH A SMALLER STORE FOOTPRINT AND MORE INTIMATE SETTING. EACH STUDIO WILL HAVE ITS OWN TEAM OF DESIGNERS.   and Clarksville.  Dollar  General  expects  to   store  format  innovation,”  said Todd Vasos,   Fresco y Más, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-
                                                                                                                               open approximately 30 locations in various   CEO,  Dollar  General. “We  have  leveraged   Dixie  grocery  stores,  has  announced  plans
             CHARMING CHARLIE                                    NEW FURNITURE                                                 markets  by  the  end  of  next  year.  Popshelf   robust consumer insights to create a unique   to  open  four Winn-Dixie  stores  throughout
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Florida on 11 November.
                                                                                                                               will be targeted towards suburban women
                                                                                                                                                                  store  that  we  believe  will  resonate  with
             MAKES ITS COMEBACK                                  CONCEPT TO LAUNCH                                             with  a  total  household  annual  income   new customers.”

             Women’s apparel and fashion accessories retailer Charming Charlie   Loves Furniture & Mattresses has announced its first locations.
             is back in business months after closing its 261 locations nationwide   The retailer, which was established this year when it purchased
             and selling its trademark at a bankruptcy auction.  the inventory and assets of 27 Art Van Furniture, Levin Furniture
              The retailer has opened a location at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta   and Wolf Furniture stores, will make its debut with two locations,
             and  the  store  is  housed  in  an  original  Charming  Charlie  site  and   Pittsburgh and McMurray in Pennsylvania.
             features  the  brand’s  signature  colour-grouped  displays  of  apparel,   Additional stores are due to open in the coming weeks, and
             handbags, jewellery, gifts, shoes, scarves and more.  the company has said it is currently hiring to support 31 locations
              The company plans to roll out additional retail locations in markets   across Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.
             across the US during late 2020 and early 2021 respectively. The next   The  Loves  Furniture  &  Mattresses  stores  will  carry  an  array
             Charming Charlie opened in early October at Towson Town Center   of home furnishings, including mattresses, sofas, loveseats, dining
             in Towson, Maryland.                                furniture and more, with both name brands and exclusive ones
              Charming Charlie filed for bankruptcy in July 2019 - its second   availalbe across all price points. A rotating selection of seasonal
             filing  in  two  years  -  and  subsequently  shuttered  its  260  locations   accessories will be featured in a designated “Loves Treasures” area.                     explore...
             and  e-commerce  site.  Company  founder  Charlie  Chanaratsopon   Customers will have the option to choose how they want to
             acquired the chain’s trademarks at a bankruptcy auction in fall 2019,   shop - either independently, or with the assistance of employees
             with plans to revive Charming Charlie as an omni-channel retailer.  who will provide support in-person or online.

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