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Fauchon – Quest for Excellence

Since its creation in 1886 in Paris, FAUCHON has always been a creator and talent discoverer and has always worked with the same ambition, to share the excellence of French cuisine around the world. Here, RLI sits down with Samy Vischel, CEO of FAUCHON to discuss the company’s enduring quality and what comes next.

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After 134 years in operation, FAUCHON continues to maintain its original values which are the never-ending quest for excellence and a rare and unique taste. Combining originality, audacity and creativity, the brand is a major stakeholder in the world of luxury food and delicatessen and has found the perfect and audacious combination between gastronomy and modernity. Currently present in 15 countries around the world, FAUCHON operates 70 stores across Europe, Africa, North America and the Middle East and has 450 points of sale globally.

In recent times FAUCHON has chosen a strategy of diversification whilst remaining consistent in its values and development. This has resulted in a refocusing of the core business around gastronomy, hotels and catering. The company has expanded its retail business with the launch of a new store concept focused around tea, one of its areas of expertise. Launched in November at 11 Place de la Madeleine, the store also offers customers the possibility to customise their infusion recipes, from the composition of the recipe to the case. Meanwhile in January this year a new FAUCHON boutique was opened in Luxembourg at the Infinity Shopping Centre. Alongside its retail activity, development of the hotel and catering sector is continuing. After launching its first five-star hotel and its restaurant, the Grand Café, Place de la Madeleine in September 2018, a second will open in the second half of this year in Kyoto, Japan.

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Finally, it is in a whole new sector that the group has chosen to develop the FAUCHON heritage. The brand has decided to launch a school of gastronomy in Rouen to find the best young talents because this is in the DNA of FAUCHON. The opening of this school of excellence is due next year. “Historically we have internationalised in Japan and the Middle East. Today our priority is to develop the brand in North and South America and in China while continuing development in countries where we are already present,” explains Samy Vischel, CEO of FAUCHON. “We are actively looking for partners and will make a conscious effort to select partners on whom we can count and who will be able to perfectly convey the values of the brand.”

Utilising watchwords such as creativity and taste when developing new products, it is with these values that the brand’s chefs and experts reinvent new recipes every day, whilst maintaining respect for French gastronomic tradition and adding a brand-specific twist to the concoction. This is what has made the label so daring and it is something it has remained faithful to it for 134 years. Completely aware of how important social networks have become, particularly in the world of gastronomy where plates of food can be seen as ‘Instagrammable’, FAUCHON has placed great importance in its social media accounts within its communication strategy.

“We believe that each network has its own function and allow consumers to have a special experience. For example, we use Instagram to showcase our chefs and their creations through photos, videos and collaborations with food and lifestyle influencers. The goal is to provide a unique experience for all and give real emotion to our followers to grow our community,” says Vischel. The company also has an action plan on LinkedIn, and Vischel explains that this site is essential today to reach a business-to-business target audience and communicate the brand to professionals. The goal on LinkedIn is to differentiate themselves from the competitors that do not yet have a large presence on the network.

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“All our communication actions are designed around our social networks so that these have real resonance with our consumers. They are an essential and wonderful place to showcase our products to the world. In addition, it also allows us to reach a new and younger clientele that we haven’t had before which is a really positive step for us moving forward,” Vischel comments. Having operated for well over a century, FAUCHON continues to find a constant quality of products and services to become a safe bet for customers and a reference point in French gastronomy.

“Our ethos has always been the same, we select ingredients from local artisans in order to offer our customers the best quality products,” says Vischel. Looking forward, the goal remains the same for FAUCHON, and that is to become, in the eyes of the consumers, the reference point in each and every product group in which they are present.