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Giordano ME Targets 300 Stores by 2025

Asked about some major milestones for fashion brand Giordano over the past 12 months, Ishwar Chugani, CEO and Managing Director, Giordano Middle East said, “It have to be celebrating 30 years of being present in the Middle East region.”

Over the past 12 months Giordano has opened 10 stores in the region with an additional 10 stores in new markets including Bangladesh, Ghana, Pakistan, Kenya and Egypt.

“As such 2022 has been an amazing year for us. Our overall sale-to-date in 2022 is up by 29% as compared to 2021. The total quantity of goods sold this year will exceed 5 million pieces, which is much higher than any of the previous years.”

Established in 1993 as a 100% subsidiary of Giordano International, Giordano Middle East provides strategic support, logistics and management to the brand’s franchise partners across the region and is also jointly responsible for Giordano’s expansion and franchising across the globe. “Looking ahead, we will undertake continuous expansion through franchising with Africa and Central Asia as major focus areas,” Chugani shared.

Currently Giordano Middle East operates over 270 stores across the GCC, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Mauritius, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Armenia, Georgia and Mongolia. The brand will open more stores across all existing and new markets with a target to reach the 300-store mark in the region by 2025.

Along with brick-and-mortar stores the Giordano Middle East is aggressively building its online business which is recording double-digit year-on-year growth. The brand serves 2 million+ customers in the GCC and over 12 million globally.

In summation when asked about three key learnings from 2022, here’s what Chugani said. “Resilience is key. Flexibility is a must. And confidence is crucial.”