Founded in 1996, Kazar has become a global symbol of fashion and trends, a synonym of sensuality, originality and prestige. Here, RLI speak with company CEO and Founder Artur Kazienko to discuss what the next steps are for the brand as it continues to look to the future.

Kazar collections complement the modern, active lifestyle of today’s men and women to create a strong and unique fashion statement. They combine avant-garde, good style and an unwavering commitment to quality, featuring modern designs with precise finishing in every detail.

Today the Kazar Group has around 60 retail stores, most of these are situated across Poland, but the brand also has a presence in Prague, Czech Republic and Budapest, Hungary. All of its stores are situated in premium locations and malls delivering a “High Fashion” shopping experience to its customers. “From one year to the next, we increase the scale and size of the business, the awareness of the brand as well as the offer of products,” explains Artur Kazienko, CEO and Founder of Kazar. “We are proud to be well known for our pumps and high-heels for ladies and elegant shoes for gentlemen, but now is the time to strengthen other categories such as flat shoes including loafers, sandals and moccasins, along with casual and lifestyle products.”

“Looking ahead we see tremendous potential in Central and Eastern Europe. We are interested only in markets where our presence can be long-lasting and successful. For the moment we are focused on Czech Republic and Hungary,” says Kazienko. With such a strong and recognisable concept, the company is always on the move, constantly developing in order to be at least one step ahead of its competitors. Annually its design department provides over 7,000 new designs a year which equates to around 20 designs a day which offer great quality and beautiful style.

“We are proud to be well known for our pumps and high-heels for ladies and elegant shoes for gentlemen, but now is the time to strengthen the other categories”

Social media and digital communication is something the company takes very seriously, as a brand with its own retail chain they consider their consumers as the most important as their habits and needs transform. E-Commerce is a section of the business that is growing very fast, and many of its customers are people who also buy products offline as well. “Furthermore, in terms of the digital communication, our advertising is very dynamic, we have to be able to present variable content that is enticing and attractive to current and potential customers, but also to create content that is appropriate,” says the CEO.

Unlike its competitors, Kazar has no need to take part in a price struggle, and Kazienko feels that their customers appreciate the fact that they don’t decrease their prices, as lowering prices always involves a reduction in the quality of the product, this is not the case with Kazar! “We would never accept that. We permanently keep control of the products and keep them at the very highest level.” At the same time, they are very consistent in both communication and projects. Its products are unique and exceptional which keeps customers loyal and separates the company from its competitors.

Since its inception 23 years ago, the team has been building a coherent image of the brand. They are a premium brand and Poles identify with the high quality of materials, world class design and comfort of wearing, along with the diversity of models and patterns. The other key drivers behind the brands success to date are the concept of its stores, the quality of services they provide and the well-trained, friendly and cultured staff that are situated in its retail locations. The brand operates on the basis of three key values, and these will never be compromised, the products must be the best, the most beautiful and be products that are beyond comparison, this is crucial for its premium brand offering. So what does Kazienko feel lies ahead and what does he perceive to be the greatest challenge facing the company right now? “Nowadays, the greatest challenge for any company is the technological development. The requirements of this dynamically changing world are demanding. Remaining at the forefront of innovation is pivotal and we will look to continue to do this along with caring about our customer satisfaction every step of the way,” concludes Kazienko.