Luca Faloni is a brand that serves clients who have a global lifestyle, who value quality and timeless designs. They make it easy for them to find great products for all their needs. Here RLI sits down with company Founder Luca Faloni to discuss how the brand is looking to expand over the coming years.

Italian in its essence, but based in London, the Luca Faloni brand is one that is on the rise. The idea behind the brand is to fuse exceptional Italian craftsmanship and style with modern distribution channels, to make great products easily available worldwide and provide stronger value to its customers. The company launched online in 2014 and has been growing ever since. Online has to date been its main channel where they sell globally, but recently physical stores are a topic on the agenda. “I was convinced to launch a pop-up in London, that went well so we opened a larger pop-up, and then that went well so we decided to make that permanent, and that is now working really well,” explains Luca Faloni, Founder of the brand. “We are now looking to open a second store in London very soon, and then we are opening in New York as well.”

The result of customer centric product development and the latest fashion trends, KIKO continuously renews itself with products that are always new and closer to the multiple ideals of beauty.

Having only been operational for five years, the first two to three years was all about understanding the Luca Faloni customer, improving the product, brand style and operations. In the last couple of years, the proposition has become more refined after gaining more knowledge of the customer, which has made the avenue into physical stores much clearer. “We are moving in that direction, we want to open more stores and the plan is to have by year end five or six stores, with an additional ten opening across 2020. We do not want to have a saturated retail presence, but we want to be operational in each of the big cities so that our customer can have a true choice,” explains Faloni. To assist with keeping the company at the top end of the market, the company is making sure they ask their customers, instore and online what products they would like next, and in-store they take note of what people ask in relation to products so that they are continually gathering feedback and never standing still.

“We are moving in that direction, we want to open more stores and the plan is to have by year end five or six stores, with an additional ten opening across 2020.”

So on the one hand customer feedback is pivotal, on the other the company has its own theory and hope that some of the products they think they should launch, the customer agrees with. “In terms of how we make our designs, we start with our own best judgement and we have a discussion internally with the people that make the product and myself and the retail people, based on the feedback that they got from the client and then we come up with a first draft,” says Faloni.

When talking about social media and its importance in the modern retail world, Faloni explains that in general, things have changed quite a lot, even in just the past five years. A few years ago Instagram was much smaller and everyone was instead using Facebook, but in today’s world this metric seems to have flipped. So it is vitally important for a predominantly online brand to think about how people use Instagram and what type of content people are engaging with on Instagram. To this end, the company is investing more in videos and stories, because this seems to be the key content for users today. So why does Faloni believe customers have remained loyal to this up-and-coming brand?

“I believe its two things, the first of these is product, we use only the best materials and this makes people come back or think of Luca Faloni when they want to buy something new. Secondly, I believe it is the customer service we offer. We ensure answers to any queries are given as fast as possible, and if there happens to be a problem with the product, we will solve it very quickly which gives our customer confidence that if something goes wrong with a product, we are here to help.”

The company believes in craftsmanship and they believe that craftsmanship should apply to things that customers need. They feel they should have a permanent collection that gradually changes over time and is refined through customer feedback, rather than bringing out a new collection every six months or year.

So what lies ahead, and what is the greatest challenge facing the company? “Essentially we want to add more design, slightly expand our collection and become a much more global brand. The branding is Italian in essence, but from a physical point of view, we are in London to begin with and we are gradually expanding the metropolis worldwide. I think the challenge is the changing landscape of retail and how different it will be ten years from now. Today, online brands are growing a lot and traditional brands are ceasing. I’m curious to see what is going to happen and we are happy to be part of it.”