Coming off the back of massive success in online sales during the Covid-19 pandemic, Mango is expanding its brick-and-mortar empire with 30 more US stores.

Last year, digital sales accounted for 42 per cent of total sales of $2.5bn), nearly doubling the pre-Covid-19 figure. But the company believes that brick-and-mortar is more important than ever.

The fast-fashion retailer, one of Europe’s largest, intends to open approximately 40 US locations by the end of 2024 as part of a global expansion that will also include Europe and India. Last year, the company operated 2,447 stores worldwide, an increase of about 10 per cent from 2020. Mango currently has six locations in the US.

So far this year, 3,882 new stores from a range of retailers have opened in the US, which is already more than last year.

Mango Chief Executive Toni Ruiz said: “The role of the store will evolve, we are sure that sometimes it’s more logistics, sometimes it’s more about experiences, but we are convinced human contact is very important.”

Mango’s retail expansion in the US will begin with a new 2,100sq ft flagship store in New York, on Fifth Avenue that will open in May.