McDonald’s China has introduced a Cube-style flagship store inside its newly-launched headquarters on the West Bund of Shanghai, its first restaurant in Mainland China to apply for LEED platinum certification.

Spanning two floors of McDonald’s China’s new headquarters building, also known as the “Big Mac Cube”, the 700sq m flagship restaurant has collaborated with CITIC Bookstore to launch a parent-child space combining coffee, bookstore and mini theatre for the first time.

McDonald’s new restaurant features the Cube theme designed by Liang Zhitian, with three signature elements – cube, warm colours and hidden smile. The two floors are connected by a translucent staircase with the bottom decorated with orange-coloured mirrors, creating a bright and energetic atmosphere. 

“We are inspired by the McDonald’s Happy Paradise meal, and create a trendy and fun environment and a pleasant dining experience with a new method,” said Liang Zhitian. “We hope that the new restaurant can fully integrate into the West Coast of Shanghai in an atmosphere of art and technology.”

The CITIC bookstore and mini theatre are located on the first floor of the flagship restaurant, where various small theatrical performances or salons will be held. Several McDonald’s food-shaped cubic coffee tables are placed on the stairs, and its walls are decorated with full floor-to-ceiling lattice bookshelves.