A US$350M five-star hotel called Nimbus, which is in the form of a hot air balloon has been backed by NEOM.

Nimbus, conceived by a group of students at Cornell University, will fly above the skies of the giga-project as a self-contained hotel room costing $7,900 a night.

Nimbus was the winning project at this year’s Sustainable Hospitality Challenge, which saw more than 40 universities worldwide work on sustainable hospitality projects to present to NEOM chiefs. As the winning project, the four students will be flown out to NEOM to analyse the site’s geography; meet the hotel development team; see potential development sites; and “hopefully bring Nimbus to reality”.

Flying above NEOM, the hot air balloon carries a luxury hotel room within a carbon fibre pod. This pod includes a sleeping area, dressing area, bathroom, foyer, lounge area, a service area for a pilot and potential butler, and an observation deck.