New Donut Shop Concept Coming to Savoy, Illinois

    It’s time to make the donuts in Savoy.

    A Champaign couple plans to open Industrial Donut, a shop that will feature a food concept not yet seen in Champaign-Urbana: made-to-order, customizable donuts created in small batches and served hot.

    Industrial Donut will be the first business in a new building that neighbors the Savoy Aldi.

    Owners Rebecca Powers and her husband James, who are self-described “donut people,” told in a phone interview that they have always wanted to own a donut shop, and the time “just seemed to be right.”

    The concept they are bringing to Savoy is the result of a lot of research, mainly in the form of taste-testing some of the best; they have literally traveled the world in search of the best donuts.

    To learn more about Industrial Donut and follow along as it progresses toward opening in late April-early May, follow it on Facebook and/or Instagram.

    Keep checking the website for more information.