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Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

Staying True to Their Roots

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Nikki Beach began life as the first and original luxury beach club concept and they have now grown to become a globally renowned hospitality brand. Here, RLI spends some time with company CEO Lucia Penrod to discuss the inspiration behind the concept, how it continues to evolve and grow and what the next steps look like.

The Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts story began back in 1997, when my husband Jack’s 18-year-old daughter Nicole tragically died in a car accident. To celebrate her life, Jack and I transformed the pool area at Penrod’s beach club into a beautiful butterfly garden named Café Nikki in her honour.

The garden drew an affluent new clientele to the property and at the request of many guests; we expanded the property onto the beach. In 1998, the first Nikki Beach site was born and today our 11 beach clubs and five resorts around are still inspired by Nicole’s vivacious spirit and the philosophy of “Celebrating Life”.

“We are proud to be a global lifestyle hospitality company currently with 11 beach clubs, five hotels and resorts, leading restaurants, a fashion division, a non-profit charity and a special events arm,” explains Lucia Penrod, CEO of Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts. “We have restaurants and beach clubs in Miami Beach, Saint-Tropez, Saint Barth, Marbella, Koh Samui, Mallorca, Ibiza, Monte Carlo, Montenegro, Dubai and Costa Smeralda. We also have hotels and resorts in Koh Samui, Porto Heli, Dubai, Santorini and Montenegro.”

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Saint Tropez, France

The most recent opening was the Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Montenegro in 2021. Located on the Bay of Tivat, the stylish boutique property is designed to reflect the beauty of the resort’s natural surroundings. The collection of 54 rooms and suites offers modern, bright and spacious accommodation where guests can enjoy a relaxing stay as well as complimentary daily breakfast, use of the Tone Gym, two dedicated resort swimming pools and a private waterfront with sunbeds.

There are currently three new exciting developments to their hotel and resorts division in the pipeline – Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Muscat, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Antigua and Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Baku. The Muscat site is set to open in early 2024, with the Baku and Antigua sites to follow in 2025. The properties in Antigua and Muscat will include hotels, residences and beach clubs, while the location in Baku will include a hotel and residences.

“With the upcoming openings in Muscat, Baku and Antigua, we are excited and proud to continue building our presence in the Middle East and the Caribbean, creating locations that reflect our vision of “Celebrating Life” while taking inspiration from the rich cultures of the countries they are in,” Penrod highlights. “With our hotel division, which we have been expanding rapidly, we really like to look for “tomorrow’s destinations” – places where we predict tourism will be taking off in the next few years or where we think our concept could resonate but nothing like it exists yet. The locations should match our brand identity and values while also offering us the opportunity to innovate and stand out.”

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Monte Carlo, Monaco

As e-commerce and social media have become integral to the new “experience”, Nikki Beach is fully committed to adapting and thriving in this dynamic environment. They have invested significantly in enhancing their online presence and they recognise that guests want the convenience of booking accommodations, dining, spa treatments and activities at their fingertips and they are dedicated to delivering just that.

They also utilise social media platforms, not only to showcase the beauty of their properties but also to build a community where past, present and future guests can connect and share their experiences. Their social media strategy involves sharing visually captivating content, interactive posts and behind-the-scenes glimpses, giving followers a genuine insight into the heart of the brand.

Nikki Beach recognises the critical importance of sustainability in today’s business landscape and is fully on-board with playing their part in safeguarding the environment and their approach to sustainability is integrated into every aspect of their operations. They continuously seek innovative ways to minimise their ecological footprint, conserving resources and reducing waste across all their properties. In addition, they work closely with suppliers who share their dedication to eco-friendly practices, ensuring that the products and services they provide align with their own sustainability goals.

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Dubai, UAE

As we move on and talk about guest loyalty, Penrod comments that the loyalty they have built with customers is the result of a multi-faceted approach that they have diligently cultivated at Nikki Beach. Their attentiveness to providing exceptional experiences and going above and beyond for their guests set them apart and encourages their loyalty to the concept and destinations.

“One of the key factors that keep guests coming back is the personal connection they feel with our brand. We prioritise creating meaningful interactions and forging lasting relationships. From the moment guest’s step onto our properties, they are greeted with genuine warmth and a sense of belonging that extends throughout their stay. This personal touch fosters a sense of loyalty, as guests feel valued and understood,” Penrod explains.

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Koh Samui, Thailand

As the business continues to grow and evolve, it remains true to its roots as the first and original luxury beach club concept. In doing this, they create space for new customer bases to grow while retaining and developing relationships with those who keep coming back, whether that is revisiting one location or discovering new locations around the world.

“We have established and maintained a premium level of service now synonymous with the Nikki Beach brand globally. We have a strong company culture that cultivates a strong sense of pride in serving our customers with authenticity, friendliness and a caring and excellent service,” says Penrod.

“Looking ahead, we see a myriad of exciting opportunities and challenges that will shape the path forward for Nikki Beach. Our focus will remain on delivering exceptional guest experiences while staying attuned to industry trends and global shifts,” Penrod concludes.