Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Pacsun Partners with Melon and Roblox

The retailer is now selling clothes via an online gaming platform that is immensely popular with tweens and teens.

It has teamed up with game development studio Melon and global online gaming platform Roblox to make select clothing items available in the Roblox Avatar Marketplace. Players on Roblox can utilise their online currency ‘Robux’ (purchased with regular currency) to customise their in-game avatars with Pacsun-branded clothing and fashion accessories.

In addition and potentially as soon as fall 2021, Pacsun and Melon are seeking to unveil a virtual experience on the Roblox platform, with the focus on the experience to be on integration of the brand, unique designs, living world themes, mini-games and social experiences.

“We are excited to expand our digital footprint into a new space and bring Pacsun-branded items to Roblox, a platform that has become a social experience for so many of our Pacsun customers,” said Brieane (Brie) Olson, President of Pacsun. “In addition to our Pacsun-branded items, we are also partnering with Melon to build an experience on Roblox later this year that will be led by interactive, social settings in an open world and act as a community for our consumer that will be Pacsun-branded.”