phs Group are proud to be the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Ireland, and Spain. More than just a hygiene service provider, they are also busy working towards ending period poverty, supporting NHS Covid-19 Testing Stations, helping turn hygiene waste into sustainable energy, and looking after bespoke planting displays for hundreds of businesses. Here, RLI speaks with Brian Wilkinson, Head of HoReCa at phs Group to learn more.

The phs Group has a dedicated team of over 3,000 expert personnel, who provide washroom, floorcare, healthcare and a range of specialist services to over 120,000 customers across the UK. Its customers range from large retail sites to distribution warehouses, healthcare establishments, and small owner occupied shops.

“Our expert technicians undertake 3.6 million individual customer visits each year,” explains Brian Wilkinson, Head of HoReCa at phs Group. “These visits include disposing of sanitary waste and nappies, installing hand dryers and air purifiers, or supplying floor mats to prevent slips, trips, and falls.”

The company also has a range of specialist divisions that focus on the provision of indoor and outdoor plants, electrical and gas compliance testing services, industrial workwear, waste compactor rental, and crate rental. All of its specialist businesses are industry market leaders and complement their main hygiene offerings.

phs works across all sectors of the UK, and the retail and leisure industry is one of the main sectors they support. Busy retailers naturally make their shop-fronts a priority, but they are passionate about creating behind-the-scenes facilities that create the right image too. They create clean and hygienic environments that can help improve customer satisfaction and boost the morale of employees.

The business understands that every shop and leisure facility is different. That’s why they work with customers to identify exactly what they need. Then they build their services around those needs. Their contracts are flexible, ensuring businesses get value for money and no unnecessary costly extras.

“As key workers, we’ve seen first-hand that it’s been a hard year for the retail and leisure sector. Since March 2020, thousands of our customers have been in touch with us to either pause or cancel their services altogether. Although, we’re pleased to say that the majority of these have since reopened despite having to deal with continuing stop-start opening rules,” says Wilkinson.

The Group like to act quickly, so as soon as the UK went into its first lockdown, they instantly began looking at ways to support the sectors that would be hit hardest. This led to the development and launch of several new products and services that have helped many businesses reopen safely, including a 5L Hand Sanitiser Station and Covid-19 Decontamination Cleaning.


To further understand what their customers need to support their businesses during the ongoing pandemic, they even commissioned independent consumer research. This research focused on speaking to the general public to find out what hygiene measures they were looking to see implemented in local businesses.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, phs have commissioned independent consumer research and worked with leading experts to understand what hygiene measures can help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

“Our latest research, known as the phs Index #2, found that 54 per cent of UK consumers think organisations should be doing more to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection in their premises,” explains Wilkinson.

“We know Covid-19 can spread through the air, but indoor air quality is often forgotten in the conversation around the virus. We use hand sanitiser to clean our hands, and adhere to one-way systems for social distancing, but what are we doing to stop the spread of Covid-19 in the air?”

Speaking on how Covid-19 is able to spread through the air, Paul Linden, Professor of Fluid Mechanics at Cambridge University, said: “Due to the winter weather and temperature, we’re less likely to open doors and windows so ventilation drops as a consequence. The air we breathe is then more concentrated with particulates and, therefore, if someone within the environment has Covid-19, we’re more likely to become infected. It’s even conceivable you could be exposed to coronavirus aerosols up to two hours after an infected person has left a building.”

Furthermore, the phs Index found that 3 in 5 (61 per cent) UK consumers think air purifiers should be mandatory in all indoor environments to help curb the spread of viruses. Consumers said they would be more likely to visit businesses with interior air purifiers installed, as this would make them feel safer and looked after.

“As a leading supplier of air care products in the UK, we can work with businesses to find a solution that suits safety needs and budget constraints. We offer a wide-range of air purifiers that use the latest technology to effortlessly clean interior air. There are wall-mounted and portable options available, with something to suit every need and budget. These devices are available across the whole of the UK and they’ll even be installed and annually serviced by an expert phs technician,” Wilkinson comments.

“We’re phs Group, we’re the UK’s leading hygiene services provider, and we’re by your side.”