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Friday, August 14, 2020

A weekly inspiring podcast with iconic retail leaders, sharing interesting insights and secrets to success in the world of retail & leisure.

Retail & Leisure International is proud to be one of the industry’s most recognizable brands, the RLI name synonymous for connecting the world of retail & leisure and our awards celebrating retail excellence on a global scale. No matter who you speak to, it is a brand that evokes reaction and stimulates conversation. In today’s world, this is immensely powerful. Powerful because in a time when we are divided, communication is what we need the most. Over the past 15 years, we’ve become far more than a magazine and at times like this you have to forge ahead and make room for the future. So we’re turning our attention to achieving our mission in the most effective and impactful way we can: to continue connecting the world of retail and leisure across all our platforms. And I hope that you enjoy our weekly interviews with retail leaders around the world sharing their insights and secrets to success.


In this episode of RLI Talks, Jayne talks to author, retail guru and Founder of Envirosell, Paco Underhill.
Speaking from his home in New York, Paco talks about the five issues that all businesses faced before the pandemic and how some of these have been accelerated as a result of COVID-19. He also discusses the book he's currently working on called The Future of Eating and Drinking.


Jayne talks to Marcello Distefano, Managing Director of the San Carlo Restaurant Group, about how traditional values have remained at the core of the business that was started by his father, how the business has modernised since he took over as Managing Director and expanded across both the UK and the world, and what makes a restaurant business great.


In this episode of RLI Talks, Jayne talks to the Founder & CEO of WIT Fitness, Daniel Williams.
Daniel talks about his disruptive and unique fitness offering, and the preparations they've had to make as a business to re-open their bricks and mortar location in the City of London. He also talks about how the retail side of their business has helped them throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with exclusive brand partnerships, and about the future of their own WIT Fitness retail brand.


In this episode of ‘RLI Talks’, Jayne is joined by not one but three guests from Extreme International: Founder & CEO, Al Gosling; Ben Barker, Managing Director Extreme Destinations and James Cooke-Priest Managing Director, Extreme Events to chat about creating sustainable sports, leisure and entertainment destinations and the future of the industry in a post Covid world.


In this episode of RLI Talks, Jayne talks to Ishwar Chugani, the CEO and Managing Director of Giordano.
Ishwar talks about how the UAE is going to recover with visitor numbers diminishing following lockdowns across the world and how locals have responded now that things are going back to normal. He also talks about why he is confident that there is now light at the end of the tunnel and his belief that business in the UAE won't just recover, but thrive once again.


In this week’s episode Jayne talks to Nick Woodhouse, President and CMO of the Authentic Brands Group, which has grown exponentially over the last ten years to become one of the largest licensors in the world. Nick discusses the importance of e-commerce to the business and how he is still a big believer in brick and mortar. He also talks about how ABG's strategy is led by their digital team across many different platforms, and what they look for in brands when it comes to the company's expansion


In this week’s episode Jayne talks to Salvatore Tramuto, Former CEO of Roberto Cavalli America, EVP of Retail at Versace USA and now CEO of his own company Retailineering which helps retailers that may feel out of date or challenged by the rise of digital to transform. They talk about why brands fail and how brands can actually benefit from the changes that recent events have forced businesses to make. They also talk about how digital platforms have started to acquire a lot of brands, and whether the luxury market will go down the same route.


In this episode of RLI Talks Jayne chats to Manju Malhotra, COO of Harvey Nichols, the world’s luxury retailer renowned for its exclusive edit of the most prestigious brands. Manju talks about reopening strategies, brand experience, the transformation of luxury and steering the business through a time of adversity.


In this episode of RLI Talks Jayne chats to Richard Marshall, Founder & CEO of Award-Winning Pall Mall Barbers. Richard talks about reimagining a century old tradition, reopening strategies amid social distancing measures and the important role Barbers play in addressing mental health issues.


In this episode of RLI Talks, Jayne chats to Patrick Chalhoub, CEO of the Chalhoub Group.
Patrick talks about the impact of COVID 19 on his business, how it's accelerated their plans, and how well his team have adapted to new ways of communicating with their customers.


In the third episode of ‘RLI Talks’, Jayne chats to Michael Wilkings from the Debut Development Group.
Recorded in lockdown with Michael at home in Canada, Jayne and Michael discuss the impact COVID 19 has had on leisure development and predictions for the next 12 months.


In this episode of RLI Talks, Jayne chats to retail expert Chris Browne who co-founded Ted Baker and now consults for brands across the globe.
Recorded in lockdown, Jayne and Chris discuss what retail businesses need to do if they are to survive the impact of COVID 19, with so many big names already facing big problems.


In the second episode of RLI Talks Retail, Jayne chats to Global President & CEO of the US Polo Association, Michael Prince.
Recorded in lockdown with Michael at home in Florida, Jayne and Michael discuss the impact COVID 19 has had and the particular challenges that a global business faces when they have locations and staff in hundreds of countries around the world.


In the fourth episode of RLI Talks, Jayne chats to Connor Treacy from Palm Tree Management.
Recorded in lockdown with Connor at home in Hollywood, Jayne and Connor discuss the impact COVID 19 has had on the music industry and how the worlds of music and fashion collaborate.


Welcome to our first podcast RLI Talks Retail with Entrepreneur and Retail Magnate Theo Paphitis, also well known for his appearance on BBC’s Dragons' Den, he is one of the UK’s most high profile businessmen.
His empire spans retail, property, finance and consumer goods. Today we talk to him about Living in Lockdown, life after Covid-19 and Retail Success.