The giga-project in Saudi Arabia is being developed in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and is still on track to be opened in 2023.

Located close to Riyadh, once completed Qiddiya will occupy an area of 334sq km and intends to become Saudi Arabia’s leading entertainment destination and the world’s largest entertainment city. Don Potts, President of Parks and Attractions at Qiddiya, commented: “Qiddiya’s vision is to create a disruptive destination. It is going to have some of the most innovative experiences, not only in the region but in the world, in entertainment, sports and arts.”

One such experience is the Six Flags Qiddiya park which will feature elements of Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural heritage. The park will incorporate the 13 regions of Saudi Arabai and the unique 80-acre park will offer guests 29 rides. Falcon’s flight is the most anticipated ride at the park, it will be the fastest, highest and tallest roller coaster ever built. Sirocco Tower is perfect for thrill seekers with the tallest drop in the world. Sea Stallion is an interactive ride that travels over rivers and behind waterfalls and Spitfire, is a unique triple launch roller coaster.

Major construction has already started at Qiddiya, despite the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic. Potts comments: “Given the phase of our project, we were able to keep on with the site work and infrastructure work. The Qiddiya IT and HR teams did a remarkable job in preparing us all to migrate to working from home, in the virtual world. We adapted well. So, it’s not impacting any opening dates or anything like that. We have been very fortunate.”