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In 1989, Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer commenced their journey as two determined young women in a business world dominated by men. In the years since, the Sana Safinaz brand has become a pioneering luxury company and today is the only designer brand in Pakistan operating in the mass retail market. Here we speak with company CEO Uzma Munaf about how the label will continue to drive forward and maintain its growth.

Changing the game by making designer lawn outfits more luxurious with materials like chiffon, silk and net, Sana Safinaz’s annual summer lawn collections have become incredibly popular and successful. Their brand has made fashion accessible for Pakistani women through sub-brands like Muzlin and Mahay, making stylish clothes affordable.

Over the years since its inception, its influence has expanded globally with physical and online stores and the founder’s continue to handle everything from design to production in-house. Their continuing dedication has earned them awards and empowered countless women and their journey continues to inspire young people, entrepreneurs and women to work hard for their dreams.

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Bridal Studio, Lahore, Pakistan

“Our retail operations launched in 2013 and have seen exponential growth to date, maintaining a presence in 15 cities of Pakistan,” explains CEO Uzma Munaf. “Today the brand is in 40 locations locally with plans to expand to 50 in the coming year with a notable presence internationally.”

In recent months the company’s retail network has undergone significant change through both expansion and revitalisation. Their flagship stores at Dolmen City Mall and Bridal Studio in Lahore are prime examples. They have transformed their Dolmen City Mall outlet with a strong emphasis on improving the customer experience and providing top-notch service. It was the first-ever store of Sana Safinaz and is now on the road to becoming one of the largest, most regal and most significant stores of the company.

“One significant change is the expanded variety of products, the latest being the ‘Home’ category, all carefully chosen to suit different tastes and styles,” Munaf highlights.

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Dolmen City Mall, Karachi, Pakistan

“We’ve also just introduced our new Bridal Studio in Lahore. We have put a lot of thought into creating a place that truly captures the essence of stunning bridal and couture beauty, reflecting what our customer’s dream of for their special occasions. Every aspect of this studio showcases our dedication to making dreams come true, especially for those seeking the most exquisite bridal styles,” she continues.

Outside of Pakistan, there appears to be significant potential for the brand in international markets like the UAE, UK and the US, where a substantial South Asian diaspora already resides. To support this expansion they are utilising CRM tools to identify market gaps and the needs of these markets. They are also analysing their online sales data for those regions before moving forward.

The CEO explains that staying at the cutting edge of the market requires a proactive and innovative approach to creating and implementing these new designs and programs. Sana Safinaz continuously monitors industry trends, customer preferences and emerging technologies to identify potential opportunities.

The team around Uzma gathers customer feedback through surveys, interviews and social media to understand their needs and wants and then they try and implement these changes to improve their product and overall customer experience.

Embracing the transformative power of social media, the brand has seamlessly integrated its identity with the modern retail landscape. Leveraging Instagram as their dynamic product catalogue and primary communication platform with customers, they’ve harnessed the digital era’s pervasive influence, catering to their audience’s on-the-go lifestyle.

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Dolmen City Mall, Karachi, Pakistan

“As a forward-thinking designer brand, we’ve embraced the fast-fashion ethos, utilising compelling online content to shape and lead the latest trends in women’s eastern apparel. By remaining at the forefront of social media marketing, we continue to captivate and connect with our audience, delivering an unrivalled shopping experience in the digital age,” explains Munaf.

Remaining fully cognizant of sustainability requirements in a fashion business requires a comprehensive and ongoing commitment. So they try to develop a clear sustainability strategy outlining their brand’s goals, values and specific initiatives.

Sana Safinaz offers eco-friendly bags to its customers and even creates new designs using leftover fabric to reduce waste. They carefully oversee their supply chain to ensure ethical and sustainable practices. They also promote a culture that values employees’ ideas and dedication to sustainability.
The brand has seen fantastic success during its lifetime and that success is down to several key drivers that have driven them to stay in the game all these years.

“Our unwavering commitment to understanding and fulfilling the desires of our customers lies at the heart of our success, the selection of premium materials to the diligent craftsmanship, our unmatched quality, innovative designs that serve a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences which is the USP of Sana Safinaz and last but not least, our passionate team that makes sure to deliver an exceptional experience to the customers from communicating the brand’s story to providing the final product,” Munaf highlights.

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Bridal Studio, Lahore, Pakistan

The foundation of Sana Safinaz lies in the deep trust of its valued customers, along with its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service. Going deeper into this philosophy, the CEO comments that their commitment isn’t just a promise – it is an implicit agreement. She goes onto say it is a pledge to consistently offer unparalleled quality, immersive experiences and clear expectations. It is this strong bond of loyalty with customers that sets the company apart.

“As CEO of Sana Safinaz, I take great pride in leading a female-owned brand. Our focus goes beyond delivering quality fashion; we are dedicated to promoting women empowerment. We have partnered with various women-oriented NGOs, enabling women to acquire new skills and achieve financial independence. Looking ahead, I envision a future where women hold significant roles in the corporate sphere, making strategic decisions with utmost confidence,” Munaf concludes.