Luxury women’s footwear brand Shoenvious is to launch in the UK. Founded in Dubai in 2018 by husband and wife team Andrew and Saudin Noddings, the company allows shoppers to customise and order their own one-of-a-kind pair of shoes using an online 3D shoe designer. Customers can choose from more than 15 shoe shapes, 50 design options, nine heel types and more than 100 high-quality leathers and materials in different colours, patterns and textures.

Saudin Noddings said: “As a shoe fanatic, it’s important that my footwear doesn’t compromise on style and meets the needs of the occasion. We want to change the way women shop for shoes by giving them the opportunity to put their best foot forward every day in a bespoke pair that represents their personality. When you order a pair from Shoenvious, you’re not only purchasing a product, you’re in control of the whole design experience.”

The brand was founded after Noddings found it very difficult to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes. All of the company’s shoes are handmade and are delivered within four to six weeks with free shipping offered to 80 countries. Due to the company’s direct-to-consumer model, Noddings said it is able to eliminate unnecessary mark-ups to make the shoes cheaper than most other made-to-order shoes. She added: “By offering custom shoes at a fraction of the price of luxury brands, we’re democratising what was once exclusive only for elite customers”,