Offering guests the chance to reconnect and refocus on what really matters, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas are destinations that are in total harmony with the natural environment around them. To learn more, RLI sat down with Neil Jacobs, CEO to discuss the unique brand concept along with what is on the horizon.

Six Senses Maxwell

Whether it’s stepping into a sapphire lagoon from your overwater retreat, or even right off a mountain for the most unique arrival via paraglide, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas treat each other with respect and its guests with empathy because life is for living, love is for sharing and a smile is for everyone.

The ultimate aim of the brand is make its guests feel their best and for them to stay, play and create those perfect moments that become lasting memories for ever. The company currently manages 19 hotels and resorts across 14 countries, plus 37 spas under the brand names Six Senses, Evason and Six Senses Spas. The hotels and resorts are situated in Bali, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Fiji, France, Maldives, Oman, Portugal, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, Seychelles and Singapore. The last few months have been an exciting time, as back in February Six Senses became part of the InterContinental Hotels Group family of hotel brands, ensuring a solid future as the company looks to expand.

Six Senses Yao Noi - Ocean_Panorama_Pool Villa

“There are a further 18 hotels and resorts signed into the development pipeline in locations that include New York,” explains Six Senses CEO Neil Jacobs. “In addition, we have introduced innovative programmes that support guests’ well-being. These are constantly evolving and being refined in concert with top international experts.” These innovative programmes include Sleep With Six Senses, a ground-breaking program that maximises the sleep experience and adds a new dimension to business travel and holidays. Eat With Six Senses addresses how they source food, its preparation and quality, Grow With Six Senses assists younger guests on the path to a healthier and happier lifestyle, while Six Senses Integrated Wellness is the overarching suite which offers personal evaluation by experts at all Six Senses Spas and the preparation of individual programmes for participating guests.

Upcoming openings for the brand include Six Senses Shaharut in Israel which is due to open in December. In 2020, five new properties are set to open in Ibiza, Switzerland, Turkey, India and New York, whilst in 2021 a location will launch in Costa Rica and in 2022 and a property will open in Iceland. Future locations that are of interest lie in the UK, Italy, New Zealand, Australia and further locations in the US, with a mix of urban an resort properties being considered.

Six Senses Zighy Bay - Salt_Water_Pool

“Innovation is front and centre and an important factor in our DNA. We are constantly challenging ourselves in every aspect of our operations and the uniqueness of every location is respected. For example, Six Senses Bhutan incorporates a rich circuit of five locations into the guest experience. Exceptional out-of-the-ordinary guest experiences have been created and the wellness offering celebrates Bhutan’s unique touchstone of gross national happiness,” says Jacobs. The destinations under the Six Senses umbrella remain at the top with a combined passion for sustainability, innovative design and wellness that runs through every employee.

“Wellness and sustainability are a hallmark of Six Senses. We do talk about connection and reconnection. We also talk about community, because we think that’s what is missing in our world,” Jacobs points out.

Six Senses Uluwatu_Aerial View Main Pool

Not many hotel brands in the world have created such a niche for itself as Six Senses has in pushing forward in the areas of wellness and sustainability. In an industry with players claiming service focus, this brands stands out as the brand with empathy. The exceptional service experienced by guests is a result of every host believing in the brand and understanding the commitment of the group to guests, environment and the individual communities of which they are a part.

So what sort of role does social media play within the brand in 2019? “We are working with a great team of experts on continuously evolving our presence and content across the key social media channels. We have created an online learning hub which is now in its fifth year, allowing selected participants from each Six Senses resort to elevate their multi-media content creation skills, while ensuring that they convey the ethos and vision of our brand and meet commercial objectives,” explains Jacobs.

The vision of the brand is to help people reconnect with themselves, others and the world around them. They also embrace their core values of local sensitivity, global sensibility, being responsible and caring, crafting experiences, pioneering wellness, offering emotional hospitality and remaining fun and quirky. “We must always be sure of our ability to execute well and deliver what we promise our guests. It’s easy to be intoxicated by growth but growth for growth’s sake is not the road we travel. Each project must be accretive and further our goals and embody our values,” concludes Jacobs.