Stormfront, the Apple Premium Reseller and leading technology sales and repair service provider for the consumer retail, business, and education sectors in the UK, is rebranding to Select.

The move will bring the company’s 23 Stormfront stores across the UK and 6 Compu b stores in Ireland under the same brand identity, delivering an elevated experience and providing a complete Apple solution for consumer retail, business, and education customers locally.

The move comes as data from the Centre for Cities’ high streets recovery tracker revealed 13 UK cities and towns that had returned to pre-pandemic levels of spending by the end of January 2022. The statistics reinforce that the future of retail is not online vs. offline, but one of offering a seamless experience to customers wherever they chose to shop is imperative for businesses to develop and thrive.

Central to Select’s enhanced offering will be the Discovery Hubs service, which is now available to all customers in their local stores. Select’s Discovery Hubs are a one-stop service for business customers and educational institution customers. A dedicated slot or slots can be booked for groups of employees at a Discovery Hub with a Select expert who can provide full onboarding, troubleshooting, technical and training support to help them get the most out of their Apple products. The service will be of particular benefit for businesses with hybrid working models as employees increasingly require local technology support regularly, whereby any current or future Select customer will be able to book a fixed and allocated Discovery Hub time slot free of charge – the same time weekly, every week in the year for their teams. Once the slot is booked, all employees of that company or institution can attend the service at the allocated time.