People come in all shapes and sizes, it’s the way they are made, but it is not how traditional shirts are made… enter UNTUCKit. Their designs allow for the exact untucked length with over 50 fits for every shape and size with a contoured hemline, reinforced collars and a signature sail.

The brand has come a long way from when Founder Chris Riccobono first created the Original Untucked Shirt back in 2010. A year later he brought the now CEO Aaron Sanandres on board and they’ve never looked back. The first UNTUCKit store launched in 2015 and today there are over 85 across the globe. The majority of these are situated in the US, with the remaining units in Canada and in its recently launched London stores.

“Our growth as a brand has been incredible throughout the last year, both domestically in the US and in our new markets in Canada and now the UK,” explains Aaron Sanandres, CEO of UNTUCKit. “Combined with the growing demand for our incredible product, we have seen an increase in brand recognition and physical retail expansion across the globe. Our product offering has expanded to more than 50 fit combinations and 13 product categories, which has also played a huge role in growing our business and introducing the brand to a whole new group of customers.”

Most recently, the company has opened the doors on its first two UK stores. Opened on 6 November, the stores are situated in Covent Garden and Westfield London, with both carrying a selection of the UNTUCKit men’s line. The look and feel of the stores matches the top-of-the-line customer experience which has grown so popular for them in North America. The new stores even offer bourbon tastings for customers as they shop, making them a true extension of the brand.

Following this recent launch, the brand is interested to see how the UK customers respond to the launch, both online and in-store. In the meantime, they will focus predominantly on international retail expansion in the coming months and years, especially across European countries such as Amsterdam and Paris. Many of the company’s product and style developments come from direct feedback that they receive from their customers. When the classic UNTUCKit shirt first took off and grew a strong customer base, they began hearing from customers that they were hungry for further products that fit at the right length.

“As we continue to develop new products, we always keep in mind what will make it easier for our customer to look and feel his best. Whether that’s something that will complement his existing UNTUCKit shirts or a new fabric that will feel great all day long, we develop with his wardrobe in mind,” explains Sanandres.

Sanandres believes in staying curious about the customer and thinking about the different and maybe unconventional ways to get the brand message to the right audience, as long as the correct audience is known. “While we do use social media as a channel to discuss the brand, we tend to focus more on tried-and-tested methods such as TV commercials or radio spots as they seem to be more effective for our brand and our customers.”

The two factors that have kept customers loyal is the quality of the product and the customer service that the company offers, as without these it is difficult for anyone to build a sustainable brand. From a quality perspective, there is a lot that UNTUCKit does that its competitors and peers do not, such as washing the fabric twice to minimise unwanted shrinkage and achieve a sizing consistency across its range that is hard to come by. While it is primarily a clothing retailer, UNTUCKit is a solution-oriented brand which allows them to focus on simplicity and differentiation in its product offerings. Opening physical stores across the globe has also given them the opportunity to create a bridge of trust between them and their customers and allow them to function as a truly omni-channel business.

“It all comes down to creating a seamless and accessible shopping experience for our customers,” says Sanandres. “We started UNTUCKit because we couldn’t find shirts that looked good untucked. It’s a tough style to get right. That’s why we’ve created the perfect casual shirt. It has that just-right length, fits all shapes and sizes, and helps our customers look sharp, even at their most casual,” he concludes.