Founded in 2006, Urban Revivo is a trend-leading fashion brand, with an innovative, contemporary and youthful mood at the centre of its brand identity. Here, RLI speaks with Company Brand Founder and CEO Leo Li about the company’s current and impending expansion plans.

Created to challenge the traditional model of fast-fashion production, Urban Revivo has positioned itself within the retail sector as a pioneer of affordable yet trend-driven high quality products. The business has always been an unconventional thinker with the fast luxury retail sector, embedding new season design and innovation into the core of its brand DNA. The brand endeavours to share with its new international customers the most fun, trend-led cross-boundary product experienced within both its luxury retail environments and digitally on its modern online platforms. The brand has grown rapidly throughout the last 12 years, opening over 200 stores within the Asia-Pacific region and across the world in this space of time, with future exciting plans to expand in many more regions across Europe, North America and Japan with the aim to expand to over 400 stores by 2020.

“While the economic environment has been difficult this year, in the first three quarters of the year we have still achieved steady year-on-year growth,” explains Company Brand Founder and CEO Leo Lee. “With this achievement, we have established a solid brand foundation, including a fixed consumer base, strong product competitiveness and a leading level of flexibility within our supply chain.” Last month Urban Revivo opened its European flagship store in Westfield London. As well as being the largest UR store in London, it also includes an upgraded art space to bring local consumers a multi-cultural store experience.

The design of the store closely combines artistic play with the elements of fashion life and expresses the brand’s vivid and diverse image. London was chosen for the company’s European flagship
because it is a landmark of international fashion and is one of the most mature markets in the world. This will allow the brand to examine itself within a key international market, so that they can continuously improve the competitiveness of its products and brand image. Just six days after the launch of its Westfield London store, Urban Revivo settled in the largest and most artistic mall in Thailand, ICONSIAM. A must-visit for tourists from home and abroad, the UR shop is spread over three floors and has 1,600sq m of space, combining simplicity, stylish and artistic styles, covering the men’s, women’s and youth and
accessories sectors. So after these new openings, what is in the pipeline for the next 12-18 months?


“We will pay more attention to product development and improvement, and continuously improve the quality of the store’s operations. In addition, the development of online channels is also a key strategy that will enable customers to recognise and understand the brand. At the same time, we are also considering cooperating with more European e-commerce platforms, so consumers can get closer to the brand,” explains Leo. Exploration of potential new markets is an important factor for the brand moving forward. Despite this, they still see its home market of China as having great potential, along with the Asia-Pacific region and the US market. Consumers’ perceptions of fashion are different, but the demand for fashion is universal.

As a fashion brand Urban Revivo does not change their offer depending on the market they are operating in. Instead, they capture the most cutting-edge fashion trends, combined with trend analysis, to provide its customers with the most fashionable new seasons and let consumers acquire and perceive the brand. “Urban Revivo has found a balance between fashion and luxury. We not only have the most fashionable products, we also have the highest quality products at a reasonable price. We also attach more importance to the creation of brand aesthetics, hoping to give consumers a richer and well-rounded experience. I believe this is why we are deeply loved by our customers,” says Leo.

The company always insists that products are the core of the brand, so a lot of time is spent on product creation, including not only the gradual creation of the product, but the extremely flexible supply chain, efficient logistics and in-depth exploration and pursuit of the perfect consumer experience to enhance the fashion expression that Urban Revivo brings to its consumers. “Play fashion is the core of our brand, and it is this essence that has always been adhered to. Together with consumers, we are looking for freshness and attitude in our fashion offerings,” explains Leo. Leo feels that the challenges facing the company are its continued development and expansion into a global market that is constantly changing, and to continue to innovate and to ensure that effective innovation is always at the forefront of Urban Revivo’s thinking and the driving force for progress. “Today is the era of new retail, therefore we hope to strengthen the construction of new retail and omni-channel and we hope to become the world’s leading fashion smart business enterprise,” concludes Leo.