Monday, April 22, 2024
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West Edmonton Mall to Launch New VR Attraction

The mall will unveil North America’s largest virtual reality attraction called ‘Virtual Land’ this summer.

Virtual Land will consist of more than a dozen themed virtual reality experience, including a military-themed experience, a zombie theme, and a Viking theme among others. More details are expected to be unveiled closer to the opening date, which is expected to be in August.

Visitors will be able to purchase an all-day pass for Virtual Land which will give them access to all of the virtual reality experiences at one price. The attraction and subsequent pass come as part of an effort to bring more people in to the mall following the pandemic and lockdowns across the region.

Other attractions at West Edmonton Mall include the Galaxyland amusement park, World Waterpark, Professor WEM’s Adventure Golf, the Ice Palace skating rink, Ed’s Bowling and many more.